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People in Germany are significantly more optimistic about traveling in 2023 compared to 2022, according to a Booking.com survey. Despite some volatility, nearly three-quarters (61 percent) of respondents believe travel always pays off. Travel trends for 2023 show that travelers’ needs are moving in different directions, aiming to adapt to changing times.

“If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that travel should not be taken for granted. This year’s travel forecasts show a desire for travel to be an opportunity to relax in the face of some uncertainty,” said Nadine Stachel, DA-CH Regional Manager at Booking.com.

1. Self-sufficient travel

Camouflaged huts, campfire kitchens and compasses – according to the study, traveling in self-sufficient style will be in demand in 2023. About a third (35 percent) of German travelers want to experience the feeling of simplicity in travel again theirs and are looking for a self-sufficient style vacation to get away from it all (52 percent) and switch off and just do the essentials (35 percent).

According to the study, one can expect to see more and more eco-friendly, nature-loving accommodations built, as well as accommodations that help guests be more self-sufficient.

“Self-sufficient travel” in 2023 doesn’t necessarily mean it will be uncomfortable. The general perception is that such trips are made without luxury (55 percent). However, there is a strong desire to combine the two concepts: 36 percent consider traveling in a self-sufficient style only if it is combined with amenities.

Almost half (42 percent) of respondents set a basic requirement: a phone and internet connection at their travel destination is essential.

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