A German and his new music club in the El Molinar neighborhood of Palma in Mallorca

A legendary club is coming to life in the El Molinar neighborhood of Palma. Where New Harlem once offered live music to night owls on Carrer Sor Isabel Cifre, Club El Cid opened on Friday night. Unlike its predecessor, the building is not only something for the ears, it is also something for the eyes. Because this Saturday the upper floor opens El Cid Gallery their doors with an exhibition of the artist Gustavo.

The first exhibition at Galeria El Cid presents works by Gustavo.

270 square meters for music and as much space for contemporary art, so much space has to be put into shape first. For a long time it was the typical chaos of a construction site, but the countdown to Palma’s new cultural hotspot was on. “We’ll make it, no matter what,” Cid Kiefer said calmly tentatively. And indeed, on friday evening the bar opened with lots of music and lots of guests.

The 57-year-old IT entrepreneur Kiefer from Stuttgart, with his second home in El Molinar, has developed a concept for the club and gallery with his team, which he boils down to this basic formula: “From Mallorca to Mallorca” . On the one hand, this means: The target audience is not tourists, but locals. On the other hand, artists and musicians should always have a connection to Mallorca. Exceptions prove the rule. “If you were to offer Ronnie Wood to me for an exhibition, you would have to make a connection with Mallorca,” says Kiefer with a laugh, adding: “It can also happen that a well-known person appears unannounced. In these cases. we will not advertise.”

The object corresponds to the concept. “Not chic and elegant, but not in a way that makes visitors feel like we’ve run out of money,” says Kiefer, describing the mix of styles. “We play with worlds.” Whatever the setting and wherever the artists and musicians come from, the focus is on quality. For Kiefer, that also means the audience has to be good, too. “There are good musicians, but without a good audience, the spark doesn’t jump. It has to match, then the musicians will come back.”

To keep customers and visitors of the club on the same wavelength, there will be a specific style of music for each day in the future, world music and folk on Wednesdays and Thursdays, blues, soul, funk and rock on Fridays and Saturdays and jazz on Sundays. Once or twice a month there is also a special vaudeville-style evening, for example with a drag show. The store is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

More precisely still it is oriented to who is on the page el-cid. club informed. The gallery has its own website (el-cid.eu). However, the two companies are linked due to their overlapping opening hours. The gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 17:00 to 21:00. The club opens at 19:00. Talent Corner is the name of the platform where Mallorcan musicians and bands can be presented until 22:00. During this time, food is also served. “There won’t be a big menu, but a nice selection of international tapas,” Kiefer announces, adding with a wink: “We’re still practicing Maultasche, it might even be a tapas.”

From 22:30 it is show time for the announced bands. Two concerts are scheduled for each evening, each with a half-hour break. The bands will leave the stage around 12:30. “We’ll definitely have some DJ musicand it usually ends at 2 a.m.,” says Kiefer, explaining the plan. “If it is extended, then it definitely won’t be until 5 o’clock in the morning, as it used to be, because of the residents and also because of the employees. “

For Friday’s opener, the stage belonged to powerful-voiced Italian singer Anna, who has made a name for herself on the Mallorcan music scene with her band Blues Diggers. On Saturday the gallery will be inaugurated with a large exhibition by Gustavo. Not only recent works are displayed, but also old works. The opening will take place at 12 noon, as the artist, who has lived in Berlin for decades, will travel to the event from Cala Rajada.

The gallery is divided into two rooms with an urban, industrial design. While the larger 190-square-meter room is intended for changing exhibitions, Kiefer will continue to exhibit Gustavo’s works in the smaller 80-square-meter room, because the son of an art professor and an architect and interior designer is a self-confessed fan. of the artist and a great collector of his works. The opening has just been made and Kiefer already has something new in mind: “If the club and the gallery go well, there will also be practice rooms and a restaurant. At least this is the plan for the moment.”

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