After Netflix cancels ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’: Series creators want Harry Potter-style film franchise

After the surprise cancellation of the Netflix fantasy series “Fate: The Winx Saga” it should not be the end for a long time. Series creator Iginio Strafi wants a big-budget live-action adaptation in the style of modern superhero movies or “Harry Potter.”


The cancellation of the popular fantasy series “Fate: The Winx Sage” came as a shock to many fans from which they still have not recovered. Iginio Straffi, the creator of the TV series “Winx Club”, also appeared in an interview with Variety surprised by Netflix executives’ decision to end the series after just two seasons: “I still haven’t heard what Netflix officially has to say […]. I will talk to Netflix to find out what happened.” But the creative head of the “Winx” world sees the end of the series as a creative opportunity.

Finally a big budget Winx movie?

The end of the Netflix series also means Straffi can now set his sights on his long-planned “Winx” movie, for which he’s targeting a budget of more than $100 million.. Straffi describes the film as “probably […] the most important project of my entire career”. And the signs for the film to be made are currently quite good, as the fairy world has gained popularity again due to the hype surrounding the Netflix series.

After the creator of the six magical fairy girls had turned down a number of offers in the past to make a low-budget live-action Winx movie, Iginio Straffi now believes the time has come to make a feature film as well. big Budget that combines everything fans would expect from a Winx blockbuster.

The Winx movie will not be Fate: The Winx Sage 2.0

However, if you’re expecting a movie sequel to Netflix’s fantasy series Fate: The Winx Sage, you’ll be disappointed. In a potential feature film, the focus should be less on the relationships between the characters at the school and more on the “epic” fantasy aspects of the franchise. Iginio Straffi emphasizes that now he wants to “do something that reminds you more of “Harry Potter” or superhero movies.

He also wants to bring the film adaptation back to the roots of the original animated series: “The audience I want to appeal to is made up of those who, like the audience of the Netflix series, look back nostalgically to the original animated series 20 years ago ., and from families who want to go to the cinema with children aged 10 and over […]. The Netflix series draws heavily on existing characters while also creating a slightly darker mood.” Overall, the live-action adaptation aims to draw more from the spirit of the original animated series.

Are the Trix finally getting their grand entrance?

Straffi also has a clear idea for the choice of antagonist in the film: The Trix. Many fans had already hoped that the nemesis of the teenage fairies would appear in the Netflix series, but as you know, nothing came of it. The Trix are a trio of evil ancestral witches, consisting of Icy, Darcy and Stormy, who constantly seek confrontation with the “Winx” fairies.

It remains to be seen if a studio will pick up the film in the near future and when we will actually see the live-action adaptation of the popular series.

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