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Singles Day: Current Deals at Bargain Price

You don’t have to be single to get great deals now! If you don’t want to wait until Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, you’ve already started 11/11/2022 so on Singles Day 2022 opportunity to fill Great discounts and offers to ensure. Don’t know what Singles Day is and where the best deals are then? No problem. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the “new” day of the bargain. And best of all: We already have the hottest deals and offers in advance for you.

Secret shopping! Here you can find hidden discounts on Amazon

Apple Airpods on sale

Apple AirPods are now on sale 190 euros on Amazon. For the deal.

Xbox Series S cheaper

If you’re looking for a good console, you can’t go wrong with the Xbox Series S. Just in time for Singles Day, the xbox has finally been reduced. Hurry before it sells out!

Samsung tablets for sale

The popular Samsung Tab 6 Lite is also available on Amazon for almost €60 less.

Cheapest iPhone 14

cracker! The iPhone 14 is also reduced to the Polarstern color and currently costs only 959 euros.

Singles Day 2022 on Saturn

In the past, technology providers such as Saturn or Media Markt also offered deep discounts on selected products ahead of Black Week and Cyber ​​Monday. Deals on TVs and mobile phones were particularly well represented. There are already several major hotspots to be discovered on Saturn. An overview of all offers and some general information about Singles’ Day on Saturn can be found here:

>> About the campaign: Singles Day on Saturn <

Snap of the day: Saturn has for singles day Kitchen help The food processor in the red has finally been reduced! If you put the promotional product in your cart, you will receive it now All 34 percent cheaper! Here’s the deal!

Singles Day 2022 at Media Markt

MediaMarkt is already offering some bargains to warm you up. These include the Apple iPhone 12 Pro, FIFA 21 for PS4 and an LED TV from Samsung. All the current information and offers from MediaMarkt for Singles Day can be found here, as well as the best offers:

>> Singles’ Day at Media Markt <

Singles Day 2022 at Lidl

Supermarket chain Lidl also has exciting offers for Singles Day 2022. These include technology, TVs, kitchen appliances, but also home and garden equipment. Lidl fans can find what they’re looking for this week.

>> Shopping Day at <

Singles Day 2022 on Amazon

Another popular attraction for Singles Day is member-specific discounts.

Online giant Amazon offers its Prime members early access to deals, free shipping and discounts on exclusive streaming content from Prime Video or Amazon Music. The first 30 days are free, then an Amazon Prime subscription costs 8.99 euros per month.

>> Here you can reach Amazon Prime Membership <

Singles Day 2022 at Ikea

Furniture retailer IKEA also offers selected products at deeply reduced prices through the IKEA Family membership program. However, membership should not be an obstacle: You can easily register for free via the website, quickly and above all at no additional cost. Last year’s IKEA campaign started on November 10 and ran until Black Friday, offering an average discount of 30 percent. It is still unclear if there will be any offers again this year.

>> Go to IKEA Family Membership <

Singles Day 2022 in Otto

Some stores offer for singles day reduced prices, including Otto. The dealer offers this year 15 percent discount with Code 121215 on fashion and lifestyle categories. Click here for offers at Otto.

Another variation on singles day offers are limited products or special product groups, which are offered for sale exclusively within the super shopping day. Many stores don’t announce what their specials will be for the day until November 11. Whether it’s a blanket discount across the range, discounts on selected items or through certain coupon codes – there are countless bargains waiting for you on products from tech, home and more.

What is Singles Day 2022?

It all started in China, in 1993, when young students of Nanjing University decided to celebrate celibacy on this day. The day was particularly popular among men and was celebrated with numerous parties, visits to bars and karaoke events. The main goal: to make new friends, have fun and maybe even find love. From singles day to shopping event: After successful events and offers from bar and club owners, Alibaba – Amazon’s Chinese counterpart – also recognized its chance and offered special discount campaigns. Successfully. In short, the day became a shopping day. The competition soon followed suit – and so the event grows year after year. In 2020, International Singles Day even outsold Black Friday. In any case, it’s worth keeping your eyes open and don’t miss discount campaigns.

When is Singles Day 2022?

Sparpreistag in Germany and worldwide takes place before Black Friday (November 25, 2022) – Friday, November 25 November 11. Unlike Black Friday, the date is always the same – every year on November 11. Why? Number one has always stood for the individual, i.e. single. Therefore, this date is pre-set for singles day. The 24-hour shopping experience is enticing once again on this November day with great deals and savings from 12pm to 11.59pm. In some stores like you can get bargains a few days before, as a kind of warm-up, so to speak.

How does the shopping event work in Germany?

Singles Day starts on November 11 at 00:00 and offers discounts and special offers all day until 23:59. It is always up to the seller what actions to expect.

Tips and tricks for the best singles day deals

As with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Week, the top priority is to stay calm and not be tempted to make unnecessary impulse purchases! To keep track of your favorite products, you can use the option to create a wish list directly in the retailer’s online store. If you also activate the notification function, you do not have to search for discounts yourself, you will receive a direct message when your favorite product has been reduced.

Once you have found a product you want to buy, it makes sense to compare the price again with another supplier. For example, if you want to buy a new cell phone from Saturn, be sure to check prices at other tech retailers as well. Or if you have your eye on an eyeshadow palette, it’s a good idea to compare prices at Douglas, Sephora and other stores.

Before buying a product, it never hurts to think twice if you need it or if you are just on a shopping spree. Especially on a smaller budget, it’s often a good idea in the long run to hear how much you want or need the product before you buy it. If you are still convinced, then nothing stands in the way of a purchase at a high price.

With that in mind, we hope you enjoy browsing, finding bargains and shopping.

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