Bishop Meier in ad limina visit and synodal route

In view of the upcoming ad limina visit of the German bishops, Bishop Bertram Meier of Augsburg explained about the discussions about the German synodal path: “As a rule, the Romans are not poltergeists, but they like soft tones. We need to listen carefully to this.”

He was not a “prophet,” Meier told the Sunday Catholic newspaper on Thursday, “but as he knows the style of the Holy See, it is in Rome’s interest that we speak to each other with courtesy and respect as brothers, also be honest. about problems and tensions to mention.”

After all, the ad limina visitation is also “a synodal exercise”: to listen attentively to one another and to listen with kindness. It’s all about that. Otherwise we live with friendly lies because we lack love for the truth. I am curious to see what concrete orientation will be given to us in Rome to continue the synodal path”.

But there should not be “so much talk of excitement” in Rome as “a certain uneasiness that prevails in Rome,” Meier warned. “Some people in the Vatican seem to be asking: What are the Germans doing in the synodal way? I suppose no one in Rome is interested in a hard fight.”

Obviously there is a need for explanation, where the bishops are under some kind of obligation to deliver,” said the bishop. “Mark will be the connection of the synodal path we are taking in Germany to the synodal processes of the universal church.”

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