Boogie-Woogie-Club Candy Sticks Deizisau: The mood always dances together – Esslingen

Always good for a sweet surprise: Boogie Woogie Club Candy Sticks with Stefan Bäume (third from right in front). Photo: Roberto Bulgrin

It’s not just her name that’s delicious. Candy canes love to masterfully transmit music in motion. Boogie Woogie Club focuses on showmanship, style and hard beats – also at its Oldie Night in Deizisau.

lollipop? It sounds strange. But they already exist. So another name had to be found. So Stefan Bäume took out his mobile phone, went online, played with the term and searched for related words: “sugar stuff”, “sweet”, “lollipop”, “lollipop”, “sweets”. At some point, phrases like “candy sticks” or “candy canes” started popping up. True, such names have potential and flavor. But as a name for a dance club, they would have been too long and too off-rhythmic. The English word “Candy Sticks” seemed more harmonious. This expression was a real hit. Boogie Woogie Club Candy Sticks Deizisau e. V. is the name of the lively dance line-up that invites you to the Oldie Night at the community hall in Deizisau on Saturday, October 22nd at 8pm with entry at 6.30pm. Tickets are now available in advance.

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