Burghof and Nellie Nashorn Lörrach collaborate on a women’s jazz series – Lörrach

The cultural centers Lörrach Burghof and Nellie Nashorn are collaborating on a new series. At the beginning they present three concerts with singers, musicians and composers.

The Little Jazz Series by Nellie Nashorn and Burghof is not for quiet enjoyment. “It’s not classical jazz,” said Burghof managing director Timo Sadovnik at Thursday’s press conference at the Nellie, noting the variety of styles that this collaboration between cultural centers will offer next week on two evenings at the Burghof and one on one. Nellie Nashorn (Info) . “The concerts will be fun,” promises Nellie’s Managing Director Patrick Dengl.

Under the title T/HE/ART/OF XXJZZ, women define what is happening on the stage as singers, musicians and composers, whose music cannot be compared: Thursday Teresa Bergmann, Friday Dini Jazzothek with Nicole Johänntgen and Manon Mullener and on Sunday. Yilian Cañizares. “There are great experts at work and, above all, music researchers”, announce the organizers. It’s inspiring how they cross technical and stylistic boundaries.

Sadovnik: Women artists of high rank and recognition

Teresa Bergman, who comes from New Zealand and lives in Berlin, is presenting her new album, the song titled “33, single and break” has already played in Lörrach. Her appearance at the 2021 Voice Festival at the Burghof was very well received, said Sadovnik, who has only been at Lörrach since March and also took over this new series of events from his predecessor Markus Muffler. He described the program as demanding: “These are high-class and established artists.”

T/Y/ART/E XXJZZ: Hence the title of the new event series at Burghof und Nellie Nashorn. Art (art) and heart (heart) are in it, jazz and women (sex chromosome xx).
Thursday 17 November20:00, Burghof Foyer: Teresa Bergmann, entrance 29 euros.
Friday 18 November8:00 p.m., Nellie Nashorn: Dini Jazzothek with Nicole Johänntgen and Manon Mullener, free entry, everyone is buzzing, reservations desired.
Sunday, November 2020:00, Burghof Foyer: Yilian Canizares Resilience Trio, entry €35.

Sadovnik and Dengl wish to continue this collaboration with another focus under the title T/HE/ART/OF. It should not be in the music section, leave the direction open. “We have an uncomplicated and open collaboration,” said Dengl. Sadovnik also appreciated the “close contact” between the employees of both houses. They have already collaborated with each other on occasion, such as with the guest performance of cabaret artist Josef Harder, but now for the first time in the field of music.

Free admission to the concert at “Nellie”

The series was scheduled for four concerts, but one artist canceled her guest performance on “Nellie” because her tour dates were canceled, Dengl said. This is about the pandemic. The only concert there is free to attend – donations are still welcome – because Nellie still receives government funding to offset the risks of a lack of planning certainty. Otherwise, according to Dengl, the entrance would be 20 euros.

Burghof concerts take place in the lobby. Sadovnik would like to have lounge or bistro style seating. He finds the topic of women at the center exciting because “the huge gender disparity is becoming apparent” in the music landscape. Women are less represented, “among musicians they are extremely rare.” It is an experience to be able to show these “little pearls”.

Bergman sings and plays guitar. Your quartet plays jazzy folk-pop, poetic “discourse pop” and contemporary chance, as the organizers describe it. There are two Cuban rhythms: with saxophonist Nicole Johänntgen and pianist Manon Mullener, who perform with Dini Jazzothek, and with Swiss violinist and singer Yilian Cañizares, who comes from Cuba and combines jazz, classical music and Afro-Cuban rhythms. comes with a trio.

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