Combine a suit with shorts: Here’s how the summer 2022 trend succeeds

The shorts suit is the 2022 summer suit trend:

From Zoom Island back to the office: is the trend of wearing a suit with shorts the logical hybrid of home and office, the extension of Zoom clothing to everyday office life? A clear yes when looking at the international runways and shows from Prada, Fendi to Dior Men. Designers like Raf Simons and Kim Jones show that the suit always looks good with shorts.

Pair a suit with shorts like A$AP Rocky, Evan Mock & Co.

The blazer and shorts look has been just as common on the runways as the suit top – another fashion trend that’s hard to ignore this summer. Are the shorts a relic of the days at home when the zoom shirt was quickly pulled over the undershirt and, if necessary, jacket, while the linen (leg) remained underneath? Or suit hybrids are more the result of the ever-increasing influence of streetwear with designers such as Virgil Abloh and Demna in menswear, which is replacing classic tailoring.

What is certain is that the pandemic has forever changed the dress code and the rules of business. The New York Times talks about the New Casual, even in the conservative area of ​​the stock market in New York you can now see sneakers and jeans. Designers have redesigned the (summer) suit for a new lifestyle, beyond the rules and norms of formal office wear.

Do suit and shorts look good for the office?

We are talking about diversity, gender equality, tolerance. If you have a problem with makeup and nail polish on men, you probably have the same problem with shorts in the office. And of course, not every trend works in the corporate environment, and who goes far in their clothing also depends on the respective personality. But we stand for tolerance, for individualism, for new masculinity and a style that propagates this freedom. Rules are made to be broken.

These stars rock the best shorts suit look:

A$AP Rocky wears a cropped suit from Prada that is definitely office-appropriate and has the potential to become a classic. He pairs rugged brogues with chunky heels and sports socks with the dark blue suit. (Also read: Rihanna’s boyfriend is arrested for shooting)

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