Drugs are sold in bulk – family arrested

A family is said to have shipped drugs across Germany in large quantities. The 63-year-old father was arrested in Mainroth near Burgkunstadt (Lichtenfels district). In Berlin, where the rest of the family lived, there was also a raid last week. Drug investigators discovered several kilograms of the drug and more than 1,000 ecstasy tablets.

The houses were searched and four people were arrested

A Berlin police spokeswoman confirmed to BR on Monday a related operation in the early hours of last Wednesday morning in Mainroth. A total of eight search warrants were executed and four people were arrested both in the Upper Franconian community and in Berlin.

The father was taken into custody

As part of the control measures in Berlin and Mainroth, 37.5 kilograms of marijuana, 1.5 kilograms of hash and 1100 ecstasy tablets were seized. The 63-year-old father was arrested by the special forces and, according to the police spokeswoman, is in custody.

Special forces and drug sniffing dogs in action

According to BR information, the police took the 63-year-old out of bed in the early hours of the morning. The Special Forces (SEK) blew up the apartment door and gained entry into the apartment within seconds. In addition to SEK officers, drug detection dogs were also deployed. The extent to which the drugs were sent from Upper Franconia or Berlin is currently under investigation. According to the police, it is currently certain that the 63-year-old is being investigated, among other things, for drug trafficking in a group.

The family runs a thriving mail order drug business

According to BR information, the 63-year-old and his family living in Berlin have been active in the drug trade for a long time. In investigative circles there is talk of a thriving “family business” mail order business.

Investigators had already intercepted more than 1,200 packages of drugs from the “family business”. It contained more than 18 kilograms of marijuana.

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