DYO and APOLLON – a perfect match

When a row of sofas and an armchair form a perfect unit, it depends on the people who thought and developed this furniture. This is certainly the same at Horst AG. Together with her team, CEO Stéphanie Horst went through the entire development process and successfully finalized it.

Looking back, she sums it up: “Once again it has been shown that our development team is the heart of our company. From the first brainstorm to the prototypes to the finished product, there was a constant transfer of ideas and knowledge. Everyone contributed with their individual strengths – the result: DYO and APOLLON.”

The team consists of Jeannette Schuler, Jörg Breimhorst, Daniel Gremlich and Ara Tavli. Technical details, an important factor in the design of seating furniture, are mainly in the hands of men. From the 3D model and various functions to the perfection of the relaxation system, everything is planned and implemented in-house. Jeannette Schuler is responsible for the watermark aspects. It originally produced luxury handbags for many years. At Horst AG she then moved through the cutting, sewing and upholstery departments; so she knows what she is talking about and what she is doing. Above all, she knows how to apply her experience and transfer it from development to production.

DYO – a range of sofas, many options

This is how one of the two newest models in the Artanova Switzerland collection was created: DYO. Single sofa, corner unit, chaise longue, built-in coffee table – there are no limits to the desire to design and furnish in style with this range of sofas. Combination options for each living situation can be planned and implemented individually. The living room table can be placed as a connecting element – intermediate or as a final element.

The traditionally high craftsmanship of Horst AG is evident in the cushions and covers. Customers can choose between two looks for the back cushions: quilted or notched. The deciding factor is individual taste. Just turn your favorite side forward and you can see the style you want. Stylishly placed and finely finished decorative stitching underlines the reserved and elegant design. Naturally, the range is available in both leather and fabric versions. The casually cozy upholstery offers the feeling of a nice hug when you are seated – cozy and comfortable at the same time.

APOLLON – relaxation in perfection

If you want to add an armrest to your new sofa, you will find the perfect partner in APOLLON. His head is also quilted, making it a perfect match for the quilted DYO version. Relaxation functions also show that APOLLON is a true all-rounder.

Here you can choose between the manual and the electric version, which offers two distinct features. On the one hand, the particularly relaxing heart balance position ensures maximum well-being, as the legs rest at heart level. This facilitates blood circulation and protects the heart and circulatory system. On the other hand, the armchair can be equipped with a standing assistant, which also makes everyday life easier. Various steel arm parts and legs in different colors complete the diversity of this versatile tool.

Conclusion: With DYO and APOLLON, Horst AG has succeeded in launching two pieces of seating furniture that will soon find new fans in terms of design, craftsmanship and functionality.

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