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Ladies and gentlemen: undefined
(Photo: Frazer Harrison)

For her: Everything so serious

Zendaya won another Emmy this week for her role in Euphoria. The way she plays a drugged-out teenager is impressive, and yes, you believe her 16-year-old self, even though she’s 26. Which is also still very young. She wore a beautiful dress by Valentino and diamond jewelry by Bulgari. This is a sentence you’d rather be reading over 45 years old. But only in fact, because he would be an example of the shame of age, only in the other direction. By the way, style critics overstepped the mark. Vogue declared the dress “the true star of the Emmys” and noted the observation that the attention she receives is due to her appearance, “if not only.” Zendaya’s stylist explained that Grace Kelly was the inspiration. As a black artist, are you allowed to take the original version of the privileged white woman as your style model? Of course, you are allowed to do anything, even if you have told yourself that you are the most acceptable version of a black woman in Hollywood. That’s a truly awfully grown-up statement—and Zendaya’s red carpet looks make perfect sense against this backdrop—they’re tailor made from the fabric of a white show industry. So one would like to throw all the wakefulness overboard and shout at the girl: Be funny, with many tasteless twenty-somethings! But that would be the perspective of a privileged white woman who has no idea about the life of a black woman.

Ladies and gentlemen: undefined
(Photo: Richard Shotwell)

For him: everything like that yesterday

Britain’s Nicholas Hoult belongs to that very small group of male actors who are almost a little too handsome to be taken seriously in normal roles. His facial features are so remarkable that he used them to play a super weird and slightly eccentric little boy in Hornby’s Day of the Dead Duck as a child, and then in Tom’s A Single Man Ford just seven years later. the most seductive lover imaginable. As for his outfit for this week’s Emmys, at first glance one was inclined to say that hands are once again pointing to the fool. Nonsense, of course, because the Dior suit here, with its short waiter jacket and flared trousers, has two of the trend’s hottest elements and certainly gives Hoult a smart silhouette. It’s probably the shame of early birth if you as a viewer still can’t get enough of such violent legs. Or to put it better: You can’t look at things like this without looking at the terms one after the other Uriah Heep, Guildo Horn and Lavalampe. So some of the slowest things on God’s earth. But of course, millennials and their offspring aren’t so self-aware anymore, and they can probably objectively accept the resurgent bell-bottom pants for what they are: a totally affected way to end pants.

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