Fast fashion retailer Shein offers sustainable fashion collection

The Chinese fast fashion manufacturer has now announced the first sustainable fashion line “evoluShein”, as reported by the textile industry portal. The 170-piece collection is made from sustainable and recycled materials and is available in a wide range of sizes. Shein wants to position himself in a much more environmentally conscious way and present his vision of a circular economy. The collection also supports charitable projects that work to empower women in leadership positions.

Sheins sustainability: fashion made from recycled bottles

The mentioned vision of the circular economy envisages that the clothing will consist mainly of recycled polyester. The fabric is mainly made from old plastic bottles and other recycled waste. With this, Shein wants to set an example against waste reduction. The materials used are all sourced from suppliers who are certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The certification is mainly used for the traceability of the materials used.

As is often the case with fast fashion, the initial 170 pieces shouldn’t last long. The collection will expand to 1,500 products by the end of September this year. The products that follow must also contain other materials such as sustainable silk or cotton threads.

Appearance is deceiving

For lovers of fast fashion, the new collection is certainly an approach to continue their consumer needs with discreet green-colored glasses. But even recycled polyester is and remains polyester. Synthetic fiber degrades much more slowly than natural fibers and is therefore the basis for new mountains of waste. Consumer advice center Hessen also points out that a large proportion of microplastics in the world’s oceans can be traced back to synthetic chemical fibres.

Additionally, products on Shein are often based on such short-lived trends that they are often only popular for a few weeks. Of course, this also means that Shein will follow new trends and new products with the right impact and thus promote consumer behavior that can no longer be at odds with the theme of sustainability.

The social commitment Shein promises as part of the new collection also seems tenuous rather than concrete. “evoluShein” aims to support the company “Vital Voices”, which wants to strengthen women in leadership positions, especially in projects for equality and environmental protection. However, as FashionUnited notes, specific information on what this support looks like is sought in vain.

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