Fendi skateboard deck: This designer board costs 1000 euros

Skateboarding is in – in the streetwear photos of fashion weeks and on the social media accounts of the stars you can see the skateboard deck on which they navigate to the next Raf Simons show or the next coffee shop. Of course, skateboards should coordinate with the rest of the outfit. Fendi presents a designer chart that goes perfectly with the new summer outfits.

Here it goes straight to the skateboard.

Skateboarding and fashion – an inseparable relationship

The fact that skaters often create new fashion trends is nothing new: wide-cut Dickies 874, the latest Nike sneakers or casual hats – skateboarders wear patterns, colors and designs relaxed from the strict labels of workwear (like Carhartt, Dickies) or specific skate Labels (eg Stussy, Bindju). The outfit is made to withstand stressful situations, because no other sport tears apart clothes and shoes as much as skating, the quality and comfort just have to be right. The best example of the intersection of high fashion and street style is Evan Mock. In addition to acting and modeling, the Gossip Girl star is also a skater and shows us how to use a skateboard as an accessory:

1000 euros for a new deck – Fendi turns the skateboard into a trendy piece

Luxury labels are known for their unusual non-fashion items: a Chanel tennis set, Supreme Oreos or a Prada basketball. These pieces are extremely coveted, especially by collectors and label stalls, and they are happy to pay very high sums for them. Whether you actually use these extremely rare collectibles is another matter. Or can you imagine doing exercises in the gym with a Dior gym ball for 950 euros?

The Fendi Skateboard is just one such item that hums between utility and art. The deck is reminiscent of a sunrise – pink, yellow, orange and blue meet the three Fendi logos in the center, the snow-white wheels and upper also feature the brand’s branding. You can get other good skateboard decks for less than 100 euros here (like the one above by Evan Mock). You’ll have to pay 990 euros for the Fendi board, and whether you actually use it for skating or just put it in your apartment as a sports decoration is of course up to you.

Check out the skateboard here:

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