Five tips for reading in Mallorca when the island’s weather is bad

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping and in Majorca, too, people are cozying up in the evenings either on the sofa or on the terrace. Snuggled up with a warm cup of tea, a woolen blanket and soft candlelight, autumn is the best time to browse. Due to the changeable weather, MM has prepared five reading tips in Mallorca for autumn days. Whether it’s a crime thriller, a cookbook or a romance novel: there’s sure to be something for every reader.

June 2022, 192 pages
ISBN: 978-3-95889-414-3

If you like to stay by the stove and want to get to know better the variety of Mallorcan cuisine, you should go to “The Mallorca Food Guide” by Jörg Dauscher to grab. In 190 pages, the reader learns all sorts of things about the island’s cuisine and its customs and traditions. A total of 30 dishes and drinks typical of the Mallorcan island can be prepared traditionally with the help of the cookbook. In addition, the reader in the Mallorca food guide learns where the ingredients come from and what to consider when buying and preparing them. In addition, the author has already thought about the next visit to Majorca and has listed several addresses and restaurants where you can try the typical dishes of the island.

August 25, 2022, 240 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7408-1320-8, 13 euros

The writer George Sand already knew in 1838 that winter in Mallorca is not necessarily easy, but also life-threatening? detective “Night above Valldemossa” by Christina Gruber comes to the end of a murder in a luxurious estate. Who killed the old millionaire Horst Hallter in his villa near Valldemossa? This is exactly what Mallorcan inspector Héctor Ballester wants to find out, with the active support of Johanna Miebach and her granddaughter Gemma, as always. Together, the trio solve a 20-year-old case. And that doesn’t sit well with the killer.

25 Aug 2008, 320 pages
ISBN: 978-3-462-0421-0

No wonder the novel “Mallorca, one year” referred to in many online reviews as “A journey of discovery in the real Mallorca”. Island romance Heinrich Breloer and Frank Schauhoff takes the reader on a journey away from mass tourism and the taste of vacations. Instead, it gives an insight into everyday life in Majorca: Michael Weidling, a TV journalist in the capital’s political theater, is going through a life crisis. After an interruption in a live interview, the house of cards in his love affair collapses. At this turning point in his life, he decides to take a break and go to Majorca. An unexpected love story begins, a German-Spanish friendship with Toni, the Mallorcan architect and with Tomeu, a mysterious man who opens many doors and eyes in an unknown world. Scenes in the novel include the market square of Llucmajor, the natural beach of Es Trenc, the artists’ village of Deià and the old town of Palma.

September 26, 2022, 120 pages

ISBN: 978-3-8375-2505-2

Book “Majorca. Popular Fallacies and Other Truths” by Frank Rumpf shows the lesser known sides of the popular Balearic island. In this book, the longtime Mallorca lover and author reveals the island’s highlights, explains traditions and clears up misconceptions and prejudices. Who are these Mallorquins and why do they never blink when they come back? How do you recognize a good ensaimada, the famous pork snail and what is perhaps the most dangerous sport on the island? There’s even a trail to an island sanctuary that leads all the way to California. The book is aimed at everyone, whether you are a Mallorca regular, a newcomer to the island or a part-time resident.

May 7, 2021, 256 pages
ISBN: 10-3959102607

Picturesque villages, crystal clear bays, rugged cliffs and mountainous landscapes – Mallorca’s nature attracts around five million Germans every year. For many, Mallorca also simply means Ballermann’s, happy hours and sangria drinks. In high season there are about ten tourists for every local. With the high number of vacationers, it is not surprising that one or the other strange encounter occurs on the Balearic island. Journalist and radio presenter Jurgen Mayer has lived in Mallorca since 2002 and has already experienced some of these encounters himself – or received reports from his surroundings. In his book “Finally it’s Mallorca again! True stories that should never leave the island” he writes twelve entertaining stories about minor and major holiday mishaps.

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