Garbage bag fashion: ‘Innovator’ Kanye West was ‘inspired by homelessness’

Ye wants his Yeezy x Gap collection to come in XXL trash bags and fans have to dig through them to find their size.


The new deal
In June 2020, Kanye West signed a new agreement with the world famous brand Gap and since then he has been working on new collections. The Yeezy Design Studio, under the rapper’s creative direction, planned “modern, sophisticated basics for men, women and children at affordable prices,” and his “design vision” will extend to how the line is best presented in Gap stores and online. And these ideas actually made it into stores around the world:

In mid-August 2022, Ye presented his new Yeezy x Gap collection at the store in New York’s Time Square and immediately caused a storm. “This is how Yeezy x Gap [Klamotten] sold. The seller said that Yu got angry when he saw that they had it on the hanger and that’s how he wanted it. They won’t even help you find your size, you just have to dig everything out,” one Twitter user explained, accompanying the image:

Kanye West himself is said to be “inspired by the homeless” and meanwhile defended his garbage bags: “I’m an innovator and I’m not here to apologize for my ideas. That’s exactly what the media is trying to do to us to apologize for any ideas that are not exactly what they want us to believe.”

His fans have since claimed that Ye was “insensitive”, adding: “His fetish of the homeless as ‘fashion muses’ is everything wrong with billionaires… They don’t see the plight of people anymore, they don’t see people. who.” suffer, they see opportunities to be nervous and take advantage of it… it’s gross.”

West himself finally added that the bags “are not trash bags” and that he will try to “stand up for the fashion industry and the people in it.” You can listen to the full interview here:

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