Green classroom with new plants ⋆ News from Leipzig

After the two existing standing benches were supplemented with eight others and paved during the summer holidays, the green classroom in the school yard in the school complex (Parkstraße 9) is completed with attractive planting. Existing and unattractive planting areas were bordered by palisades.

“Schoolyards are naturally very busy areas. Beetroot has a hard time there,” explains Mayor Nadine Stitterich, “With this variant of demarcation, the bed areas can no longer be used as shortcuts. Because young people definitely want a more attractive and greener design.”

Two gabions with a diameter of 15 cm and a height of 80 cm, seating elements were integrated into the enclosure. Larch wood is used as support. The replanting is done in a raised bed style with lavender, barberry, allium, butterfly bush, weigela, woolly leaf, stonecrop, cranesbill, grass bulb and crocus.

Flowering shrubs and perennials are used in the purple, lilac and white color scheme. A scotch hedge and solitary shrubs, including common beech, deutzia, chanterelle and spirea, were planted along the Eisenbahnstraße to provide privacy and noise protection.

“I am pleased that with the green classroom we have created an alternative learning place to the conventional classroom,” Stitterich continues, “we can also take responsibility for it ourselves.” The costs amount to around 11,500 euros. The measure was financed by the “Bridges to the future”.

This measure was financed by the Federal Government on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag. This measure was co-financed by taxes based on the budget approved by the Saxon State Parliament.

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