“He should have style and resign”

About three weeks before the OB Feldmann referendum in Frankfurt, the first citizens seized their opportunity and already left their mark.

Signs line the entire Mainkai: “Ob Feldmann voted out, new start for Frankfurt” or “Let’s forget all colors for a cross, vote yes on November 6.” Election advertising from the ruling SPD, FDP, Green and Volt parties in Römer, which is directed against only one thing: Peter Feldmann in his office as mayor of Frankfurt. “With respect to the position of the mayor”, the signs continue.

You can already vote a few meters away. At the Citizens’ Registration Office in Sachsenhausen, right behind the youth hostel and the cow tower, the citizens of Frankfurt have a few days to cast their vote in the ballot box.

Joint election campaign against Mayor Peter Feldmann.
Joint election campaign against Mayor Peter Feldmann. (Source: Sophie Vorgrimler)

“It is not acceptable for the image of the city,” said a voter from Bornheim as she left the lobby, where six voting booths have been set up. He should have style and resign.” Another: “I’d like to tell Peter Feldmann personally that I think it’s a shame he didn’t resign long ago.” In fact, she just wanted to get her new identity card at the Citizens Registration Office, but then spontaneously took the opportunity to vote.

Citizen of Frankfurt: “This role should also be performed by a mayor”

The Citizens Registration Office in Sachsenhausen is being used for the first time in an election or referendum for postal votes. Several voters from Frankfurt commented on their voting decision in an interview with t-online – but wished to remain anonymous.

“I’ll be honest,” says an angry Frankfurter: “First because of corruption. Second because of the history of football. I saw on TV how he stole the trophy from the players. Something unspeakable. Third, I wanted him to help me. with my vote if he doesn’t realize on his own that it’s time to resign when his mood is so bad.”

She came from Ostend specifically to cast her vote in Sachsenhausen. Her decision was not based on his city politics, but on his representation of the city. “Maybe he has achieved a lot in the city, but he represents it very poorly from the outside. A mayor should be able to fulfill this role. He cannot disappear from the scene when scandals arise.”

Voting room via Sachsenhausen Citizens' Office: You can vote here before November 6.
Voting room via Sachsenhausen Citizens’ Office: You can vote here before November 6. (Source: Sophie Vorgrimler)

There are many scandals surrounding Peter Feldmann’s current tenure: the trial against him in connection with the Awo affair will begin next week, it is about the claim of benefit. He denies intent or complicity. It wasn’t just the Eintracht Frankfurt fans who were very upset that he then turned up at the Europa League winners’ reception – and cheered with a trophy in hand on the Römer’s balcony as if he was personally responsible for the win. Recently, many were upset by his back-and-forth about the resignation.

After the city councilors in Frankfurt Römer had already voted for the mayor in July, Feldmann announced that he will vacate his post in January 2023. The city council votes a voting procedure. Only the citizens can do this, so the referendum must now bring clarity. To do this, a third of those eligible to vote in Frankfurt must vote, and a majority of them must vote for an early resignation. The next regular mayoral elections are scheduled for 2024.

“That wouldn’t have happened to a Petra Roth.”

They would have combined a walk with going to the ballot box, say a woman and a man at the Citizens’ Registration Office in Sachsenhausen. Both praise Feldmann’s work during his first term in office. “A lot happened in the social field, like daycare fees and the RMV ticket. Then he made the first mistake at the IAA,” says the Sachsenhausen resident. Even if you don’t have a car, a city like Frankfurt needs an economy. In her opinion, Feldmann made disparaging remarks about the fair’s operators. “That wouldn’t have happened to a Petra Roth.” Roth (CDU) was mayor of Frankfurt before Feldmann.

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