Heise Online Launches Tech Crime Podcast “Bits & Böses”

IT-savvy people know the feeling: when they talk to friends, acquaintances, or family members about IT security, passwords, 2-factor authentication, and backups, they often get an eye roll. With our new Tech Crime Podcast “Bits & Böses” we want to reach exactly these people. You can subscribe to the new format here.

The first season of “Fish on the Net” tells the true story of an Olympic swimmer whose Instagram account was hijacked by blackmailers through social engineering. In this case, we show as an example the tricks of the attackers, how different they are and how individually tailored to the victims.

With Bits & Böses we want to give our listeners the tools to protect themselves against phishing and other forms of cybercrime in a fun way. During this, various guests have their say, both from the editorial office of heise online and c’t, as well as from the LKA, consumer protection or the Weißer Ring victim support organization. The new podcast will be produced and moderated by Isabel Grünewald, audio editor at heise online, who already produces the successful daily news podcast “briefly informed”.

The first season of Bits & Böses, the new tech crime podcast from heise online, consists of six episodes and will be released weekly from November 15th until the end of the year.


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