Herisauer Nachrichten – Renovations improve the cityscape

11/11/2022 09:00

Contributions to the preservation of monuments for protected objects from the lottery fund

Various renovations of old listed buildings are currently being carried out in St.Gallen or have just been completed. They increase the attractiveness of the inner city and the old city, which will soon be re-inventorized.

Renewals The St.Gallen Lottery Fund is making a contribution of CHF 261,000 towards the CHF 870,000 expenditure on the renovation of the facade and roof of Villa Wiesental, which is currently in full swing. To justify the contribution, it is said that the preserved architecture in the French Renaissance style brings a touch of Paris to St.Gallen. The building, built in 1878 for the merchant Konrad Menet-Tanner, is one of the most outstanding historic villas in the city.

Repair and painting

Katharinengasse 11, which belongs to the city library and is part of the Katharinen ensemble, is also currently scaffolded. Since the facades and the cloister, unlike the interior, are still in a very noticeable historical condition, they are being carefully restored, where the design and coloring have not been changed. From the lottery fund, 26,500 francs will be used for the preservation of monuments.

The ordination wing in the monastery district (Klosterhof 6b), built in 1674, is undergoing an interior renovation. In the area of ​​the monks’ former cells, internal corridors were created during previous conversions, which are now being removed again. The doors removed during construction have been reconstructed. CHF 23,100 will be paid from the lottery fund for the costs of preserving the monuments.

The house at Zeughausgasse 17/Spisergasse, the “Schlössli” with guest rooms and the “Temple” of the St.Gallen Freemason lodges in the attic now shine in their old white. It was built between 1586 and 1590 on the model of the Zollikofer village estate. Weather and aging damage required a new coat of paint. A contribution of 20,200 Swiss francs from the lottery fund will cover the costs of preserving the monuments. ⋌we

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