Interview with Alexander Davaroukas: Fashion Look: These are the suiting trends for fall and winter – fun

According to Alexander Davaroukas, a wide collar ensures harmonious proportions in relation to the shoulder and chest area. Photo: Julius Wittlich/Monokel Berlin

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Alexander Davaroukas, co-founder of ready-to-wear retailer Monokel Berlin, gives a glimpse of suiting trends for the coming season. With these colors and patterns we herald the fall of fashion.

When it comes to men’s fashion, fall can be both chic and stylish. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Alexander Davaroukas, one of the three founders of the clothing retailer “Monokel Berlin”, reveals which costume trends await us in the cold season.

Brown is making a comeback: “I found it exciting because it was a very hated color in the last few years. It was the third office color for suits that nobody wanted,” says the fashion expert. Color offers a wide range of possible combinations, especially when combined with another trend – such as a pattern.

Models set the tone for fall and winter

From hunting mushrooms to “various scales, from super small models to really large models”, there is almost no limit to the models. According to Davaroukas, to be able to wear such a “dominant” look requires “a self-evidence”.

Influencer and style expert Justus Frederic Hansen (30) shows how this matter of course works in an Instagram post. The man from Hamburg pairs a patterned flannel suit in trendy brown with a stylish beige turtleneck sweater.

Davaroukas also sees a trend towards knitwear and comfort for next season: “Knitwear is now a topic that even the most popular knitters are tackling.” Due to growing demand, his company even began “building knitwear programs.”

Wide lapel collars complete the proportions

Despite the trend shift towards more comfort and adaptability for everyday use, clear shapes can once again be found in suit cuts. Narrow jacket collars are passable. Instead, designers have turned to greater width. “One sees much more the symmetry and harmony that such a jacket actually represents – harmonious proportions in relation to the shoulder and chest area,” explains the co-founder of Monokel Berlin.

What Davaroukas is pleased about the new collections is the fact that many men are venturing into double-breasted suits – “not necessarily directly the end customer, but the textile engineers and fashion designers who also specify the design and appearance for the general. public”.

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