Large-scale investment fraud: due to yield: large-scale raid on a gang of fraudsters – Stuttgart

Fraudsters robbed millions. Photo: dpa/Jens Wolf

The criminal police of Böblingen have tracked down an international investment scam. A network broke down with other security authorities.

Beautiful investments with high returns – such offers turn out to be a pleasant presentation again and again. And in the latest case also as a million dollar scam. It is learned that there are at least 70 victims and according to the findings of the investigators so far, they must throw more than five million euros. The central investigation is being carried out by the criminal police department in Böblingen – but the network is international. Raids also took place in Spain, Hungary, Cyprus and the Netherlands.

“A victim from the Böblingen district took the case in 2019,” says police spokeswoman Yvonne Schächtele. He had invested in stocks and other investments with a supposed financial service provider and had to realize that his money was lost. The supposed financial professionals had only used PO Box addresses, the supposed companies were just fronts.

Targeting 16 suspects

“Investors were bought over the phone and via the Internet,” says Stuttgart public prosecutor’s spokesman Aniello Ambrosio. With which legend and with which promises of return the authors acted, no more information can be given at the moment. Only on Thursday it was announced that 38 search warrants had been executed against 16 suspects. In Germany alone, 170 police officers were deployed. None of the suspects are based in Baden-Württemberg. Police headquarters in Düsseldorf became the operational center for the international raid.

As it is already known, the police action took place a week ago. No arrests were reported, just one arrest. The public prosecution did not want to provide any information about the 50-year-old suspect in Mallorca and his role. It has been determined because of gang-like capital investment fraud and money laundering.

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