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She liked corsages: Marilyn Monroe always had a good figure.  Photo: imago/United Archives International

She liked corsages: Marilyn Monroe always had a good figure. Photo: imago/United Archives International

Blonde hair, red lips and a beauty mark on her cheek: Marilyn Monroe was much more than that.

Sparkly dress and ukulele on stage, Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) as Sugar Kane turned heads Tony Curtis (1925-2010): Her film role in “Some Like It Hot” is as legendary as her style was released on September 4. Californian who died in August 1962. She is still one of the most photographed women in the world – and for a reason (in fashion).

Monroe loved mom’s jeans

She never had children and yet she set a trend more than 60 years ago that we’ve been celebrating more and more for some time now: the style icon was already drawn to mom jeans in the 60s. Typical: The waistband of mom jeans sits higher on the waist and the wide-cut legs taper narrowly at the ankles. The high waist makes styling the pants easy. Almost all tops that can be tucked in the front are suitable for combination, even thick sweaters. Sneakers, boots or high heels complete the look. Monroe herself liked to combine comfortable pants with oversized white shirts or a tight Carmen blouse that emphasized her curves.

Corsage: The main thing is to hug the figure

Speaking of curves: Marilyn Monroe was also a true pro when it came to staging her figure just right. Her skin-tight bodices caused a stir at the time. Today, vintage pieces continue to elicit gasps, whether from the wearer or the onlooker. The movie icon was a little more airy on hot days: she often wore long summer dresses with a tight top and a wide skirt – a must for any wardrobe!

Skin-tight dresses, as the blonde wore in the cult film “Some Like It Hot”, are already popular among the stars on the red carpet. Inspired by the hot Monroe look, Kim Kardashian wore an original 60s dress from the actress to the Met Gala in May 2022.

Lush kissable mouth, lots of redness

In terms of beauty and makeup, the movie icon also set the trend of the time: long eyelashes, kissable lips and lots of blush were a must at the time. Red lips are back in fashion this season, but when it comes to rouge, modern women have already chosen ombre, a makeup technique with different shades of rouge. Models like Elsa Hosk (33), Bella Hadid (25) and many of their colleagues love the minimalist look.

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