“Memento Mori” – new album and tour 2023

Really! Depeche Mode will release a new album. As remaining members Dave Gahan and Martin Gore announced on October 4 at a press conference in Berlin memento mori appears already in spring 2023. Then the cult group goes on tour.

Here’s Dave and Martin flying from Los Angeles to Berlin:

Notice by notice

This news is not at all a surprise to fans. Because in mid-August, Depeche Mode posted a photo on social media. It showed that Gore and Gahan met to talk about their future. Additionally, the image, believed to have been taken in Gore’s home studio in Santa Barbara, showed a bank of synthesizers as the singer-songwriters watched (the lyrics?) or listened (the sounds?). They wrote in the post: “Find stability in what we can and want – and focus on what gives life meaning and purpose.”

Speculation immediately spread. Will Depeche Mode really go on without Andy Fletcher, who died unexpectedly at the end of May? Because, according to fans, that’s exactly what Fletch would have wanted. “He will be looking over his shoulder,” wrote one. “The best news and photo of the year”, another.

The feeling became perfect

The fact that the singer-songwriter and the singer made their meeting public could be interpreted from the beginning in such a way that they were following serious plans, perhaps even with first concrete results and an approximate schedule. In the past, after the first photos from the studio, it was mostly one after the other.

Depeche mode memento took photos in the studio

Same thing this time: The post was followed by a second one from the studio. On display this time: a microphone with pop protection. With this, the last doubts were cleared and it became more than clear: They are working hard on new music, Depeche Mode are definitely busy with vocal recordings.

Finally and immediately the announcement of the press conference in Berlin with the result described above: the cult group continues!

Fashion press conference depeche album memento mori

The first details about the new album

As singer-songwriter Martin Gore explains, work on the new album memento mori started early in the corona pandemic. The lyrics are influenced in accordance with this time. But then tragedy struck in May 2022. “After Fletch’s death, we made the decision to continue because we’re sure that’s what he would have wanted, and it gave the project extra meaning,” Gore said. His partner adds: “Fletch would have loved this album. We can’t wait to share it with you soon and look forward to presenting it live at next year’s shows.”

Fans know: Andy Fletcher usually listened to new albums with different ears than his colleagues. It was not unusual to say that he was better able to appreciate what listeners would hear later and how. So if he liked the new songs, the band’s loyal followers can look forward to March when memento mori appears.

Depeche Mode on tour 2023

Rumors of work (albeit in two teams) on a new Depeche Mode album have been circulating for about two years. The last tall player Spirit date 2017, the associated tour ended in mid-summer 2018. Corona should have scrapped all plans for the synth legend as well.

The 15th studio album tour is Depeche Mode’s 19th – and their first in more than five years. The previous concert tour was the group’s longest to date: DM played in front of more than three million fans in 130 shows in Europe and North America. Breaking records!

Depeche mode memento got tour dates


Photo: Anton Corbijn

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