More than 570,000 euros for monuments in Leipzig ⋆ News from Leipzig

The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag approved in yesterday’s regulatory session the funds for the special monument protection program of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media with the Leipzig projects.

Leipzig SPD members of the Bundestag Holger Mann and Nadja Sthamer explain: “The care and restoration of our monuments is an important contribution to the preservation of our cultural heritage and life. We have worked to ensure that Leipzig also benefits from the special program of the federal government for the protection of monuments.”

We are particularly pleased about these funded projects in Leipzig:

  • Luther Church in Leipzig: €330,000.00
  • Cinema Youth: €241,000.00

Holger Mann: “The Luther Church is a wonderful church building with neo-Gothic furnishings that have rarely been preserved in their entirety. Renovation measures being funded now will restore the historic interior painted room and continue the energy measures.

Once the renovation work is completed, the Lutheran Church, as the heart of the ‘forum thomanum’ educational campus, will again be available without restrictions for church services, concerts, readings and lectures.”

Nadja Sthamer: “I am very happy about the approval of the funding for the cinema for young people. Many still remember their first kiss on the cinema seat or Tino Steadfast’s last concert in 1987. Thanks to IG Fortuna, the youth cinema has once again developed into a cultural center in East Leipzig. It has been a meeting place for citizens since it was built in 1928. Now further investment can be made in the structure of the building. Outbuilding development questions can now also be tackled with a new impetus.

The front of the display, designed in the Art Deco style, made a particularly impressive impression on visitors – and it still does today. Renovating this unique building and creating a social-cultural center is an important asset for the county, which continues to thrive.”

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