Muzzles for palace staff: These details about Princess Kate will remain secret in the future

Wherever Princess Kate appears, euphoria erupts – but the hustle and bustle over certain details is simply too much for the palace. Now a ban on talking about Royals employees should dampen excitement about the Princess of Wales.

unprotected kingly-Fans even today remember November 16, 2010 as the day when a promising young woman was introduced to the British royal family as a newcomer. At that time, Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton appeared together in front of the press to announce their engagement.

Princess Kate through the ages: How Prince William’s wife became a royal icon

It must be the beginning of a real success story: Today, almost twelve years later, ordinary Kate Middleton has become the Princess of Wales, who lovingly supports her husband William, the heir to the throne, in his duties and the existence of continuation of the royal family with three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Style icon in the royal family: This is what the “Kate Effect” is all about.

However, Princess Kate has become more than a silent mother operating in the background. Bride of King Charles III. has long been considered the most popular royal in the British royal family and an indispensable support for the House of Windsor, as she wins the hearts of people en masse in every public appearance. This should not least be due to Princess Kate’s talent that makes Prince William’s wife unmistakable in the royal ranks: The Princess of Wales, as was already evident in her official engagement to Prince William, has a talent for setting trends of fashion and that of creating your own trends. an unmistakable mix of designer fashion and affordable clothing.

Evidence number one: The midnight blue dress from the Issa collection that Kate Middleton wore in her engagement photos became the most coveted dress in the world in seconds. The silk shirt model, available at the time for an affordable price of 430 British pounds, sold out so quickly that the fashion company could no longer keep up with the rush of customers. The Kate effect was born.

What Princess Kate wears becomes a bestseller – but the palace is in trouble

Since then, the phenomenon has been repeated several times: Everything Princess Kate wears at royal appearances is completely sold out within minutes. It’s not just the outfits worn by King Charles’s bride herself that are box office hits thanks to the “Kate Effect”, but the cute baby items that Prince William’s wife lavished on her offspring are selling like proverbial hotcakes. It would be an honor for any royal family to have a woman as elegant as Princess Kate, but the British royals are worried Fashion regarding the Princess of Wales recently for Kummer.

Muzzles for employees: These details about Princess Kate will remain secret in the future

According to the British “Express”, the palace would prefer if the media focus on Princess Kate’s appointments was more on the content than on the selection of the wardrobe. That’s why the palace has now changed course and shut up employees: in the future it will be taboo for employees to publicly comment on which outfits Kate wears with which designers to royal meetings. This ends an unofficial tradition, as in the past the palace was open about who was wearing clothes Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla Parker Bowles and Co. adapted.

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