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By Dennis Burke.

For true Balkan connoisseurs, North Macedonia is more than a small landlocked country. The country has much more to offer than Balkan flair: an exciting history, a diverse culture and beautiful nature. The center of the country is the capital Skopje. Here the old charm blends with the new in baroque and neoclassical style. Monuments, statues, a triumphal arch – all in white. Above all, the Archaeological Museum with its pedestrian bridge is a well-known photographic motif for tourists from home and abroad.

Gryka e Matka – popular weekend getaway destination

In the south of Skopje – less than 30 minutes from the city center – is Gryka e Matka. This is where the residents of the capital come for weekend vacations. You go by boat over the man-made canyon, visit the Vrelos cave or hike to the nearby monasteries. In any case, hiking is a national sport in Macedonia. Whether in the national park around Matka Canyon or around Lake Ohrid. It is one of the oldest lakes in the world – the city of the same name, Ohrid, is also old and venerable with a long history. The country’s most famous postcard motif can also be found here in Ohrid: Kaneo Church – built on a rock above Lake Ohrid. Macedonians also quickly forget their difficult everyday life here.

Many people in the country are critical of possible membership in the European Union. Renaming “Macedonia” to “North Macedonia” to preserve the chances of possible EU membership is too high a price for many Macedonians. In conversations, the expression is often heard: “As if we were selling our souls!” Whether for or against the EU – everyone is united by the hope that life in your country (North) Macedonia will be better and more affordable.

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