Out white: Virgil Abloh’s successor is now known

Six months after the tragic death of Virgil Abloh, his label Off-White, founded in 2012, announces who will support the brand in the field of art and creativity: Ib Kamara. With the prospect of continuing Virgil Abloh’s vision, creativity and legacy for Off-White, the longtime friend and supporter was brought on board. (Read more about Virgil here: Farewell Virgil Abloh: A man who turned his life into a fairy tale)

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From Sierra Leone to Paris Fashion Week

Born in Sierra Leone, Kamara achieved great success on the fashion scene after graduating from London: Ib Kamara (full name: Ibrahim Kamara) was the fashion editor of British iD until he was appointed editor-in-chief of British Dazed and styled. fashion shows from Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Off White.

His style is refreshing and bold: grounded in gender fluidity, queerness and his African culture. So it’s no wonder Virgil Abloh, who has worked closely with him, has described Kamara as “the best the fashion world has to offer”. (Also read: Virgil Abloh: An exclusive look at his emotional final show for Louis Vuitton)

Virgil Abloh’s legacy: White

Known for t-shirts with large logo prints, cool sneaker collaborations and famous yellow belts made from luggage straps, Off-White is one of the most popular luxury labels in the world. Muses like Naomi Campbell, Bella Hadid and Serena Williams walked the runway together for Virgil Abloh’s latest Off-White collection and showed their support. Now Off-White CEO Andrea Grilli announces that he has hired good friend and supporter Ib Kamara as Art and Image Director. He must creatively advance the Off-White label with his vision and knowledge, without forgetting the essence of Virgil Abloh.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see Ib Kamara’s first photos and ideas for Off-White!

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