Press conference in Berlin! 2023 tour and album

This should finally make it clear: after the unexpected new photo, which apparently shows Dave Gahan and Martin Gore working on new songs, the cult band will probably go on tour again in the summer of 2023 and before that. a new album publish. But we won’t know more until next Tuesday, when the hard facts are revealed at 1:00 PM at the Berliner Ensemble in Berlin-Mitte.

It’s finally official! Depeche Mode give a press conference in Berlin on October 4. Selected media representatives have been invited to the German capital for “a special conversation and announcement of their plans”, it said. Tickets for Depeche Mode’s Memento Mori Tour Is there … here.

The rumor mill had been churning for weeks

As first reported by a well-informed Facebook page, it would appear from several sources that free stadium dates would be requested. For example, the administrator of Depeche Mode in Europe the manager of Sport e Salute (Olympic Stadium, Rome, Italy), Diego Nepi, the The Republic gave an interview.

In it he allegedly reports (article behind paywall) that a date for a Depeche Mode show in Rome is being sought sometime between June 7th and July 31st. He is now doing so following a corresponding request for the cult band, who suddenly and unexpectedly lost their keyboard at the end of May. Andy Fletcher died of a ruptured aorta.

Estimated tour dates in September

According to some insider sources, it was then very certain that Depeche Mode would come to Berlin on October 4th. There, at a press conference, both a new studio album and the associated tour with all the already confirmed dates would be announced. An informant had earlier said that some stadiums had been blocked for a year. Concert ticket provider Ticketsbande already has various venues in September. According to this, Depeche Mode would play live in these cities:

CH Zurich
PL Warsaw

Previously only half a denial from Depeche Mode

Richard Blade, a friend of the band and always known for reliable first-hand information, first posted a photo announcing the date of the press conference and explained how much he was looking forward to what was to come. But shortly after that, Blade withdrew. He would have contacted Depeche Mode and received the answer that this information or this photo did not come from the band. Now he would wait for an official announcement. It will finally be available…

Fans reacted to the first rumors partly euphoric, partly skeptical. According to many, Fletch’s death is still too recent. Some initially suspected it might be at least a few farewell concerts for the founding member. It’s always exciting to see how things will continue – maybe there will soon be the first notes of a possible new Depeche Mode album or even whole songs?

Looking at the second studio photo that the band recently shared via social media, it’s more than clear: music is being worked on very hard here. The photo shows a mic with pop protection, so Depeche Mode are probably busy recording vocals right now.


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