Rafa Nadal lucky in Mallorca! The first photo with his son

This is the first photo of Rafa Nadal with his son! “Semana” magazine published this Wednesday exclusive photos in which The tennis star from Manacor and his wife Mery Perelló with their little one are. As the magazine writes, this is an extraordinary photo because even though the sporting side of Nadal is very well known, there is only a few times when images from his private life emerge. On the cover published by the magazine on its social networks, Mery can be seen in the main image with Rafa on her side.

Perelló, holding the baby, wears a bun, sunglasses and a leopard print dress. Although she had to be hospitalized for complications during her pregnancy, she seems to have made a full recovery. On the other hand, the tennis player has chosen a more sporty style with a white T-shirt with short sleeves and sports pants. The couple’s first child together was born on October 8. A week later, Mery was also released from the Palmaplanas hospital in Mallorca.

However, in his recent public appearances, the Manacor-born tennis hero has repeatedly spoken to the media about his role as a father: “If you leave your son at home and you can’t see him for two or three weeks, when we you hardly know each other, and you still miss him, it’s a new experience! Sometimes difficult, like all new life situations“, he confessed at a press conference before the Masters 1000 tournament in Paris. He also expressed his gratitude for modern technology that allows him to keep in touch with his family: “Today we are lucky to have those who can make video calls . , and this helps us a lot”.

Rafa and Mery, who just celebrated their third wedding anniversary, have kept a low profile about their pregnancy, which is why this cover is so special. Rumors of Mallorquin’s pregnancy surfaced on June 5, when Nadal was in the final of the Roland Garros tournament. Perelló’s gestures and the outfit she wore throughout the match (loose dresses and baggy blouses) sent alarm bells ringing. Ten days later, ¡Hola! First pictures of Meri showing off her visibly pregnant belly and breaking the good news to the world.

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