Refurbed launches new business line for sustainable fashion

Viennese startup Refurbed has been selling refurbished technical products to give them a second life. The company is now launching a new online store called Refurbed Fashion, which exclusively sells clothing made from at least 50 percent recycled materials. The products are new goods from small labels, which also need help to gain more visibility. Co-founder Kilian Kaminsky told media portal Brutkasten that technology and fashion were just the beginning.

The clothing consists of 50 percent recycled materials

The Refurbed Fashion range currently includes almost 50 products from small brands – for example from the label Vresh from Linz, which offers well-made blouses and dresses. But Refurbed also sells its own products. A CO2-neutral T-shirt is offered under the label of the same name, which consists of 50 percent recycled cotton and 50 percent organic.

With prices between 12 and 235 euros – the latter for a limited designer jacket made entirely from used fabrics – sustainable products are not just cheap. But they ensure they have a clear conscience, thanks in part to fair working conditions: “It’s important to us that the clothes are also produced ethically. We put a strong focus on choosing the right partners and want to give established brands a chance to reach new customers through our platform,” explains Kaminski about the selection of pieces on offer.

One stop shop for sustainable consumption

With the Refurbed Fashion store, the market not only wants to give customers access to sustainable products, but also provides a platform for the right brands. Sustainability in all areas of life must be brought out of residence. It doesn’t have to stop with technology and fashion, says Kaminski: “Our goal is not necessarily to say that we now only do electronics and fashion. Rather, our goal as a company is to become the one-stop shop for sustainable consumption.”

He cited sports, furniture and even travel as other exciting market segments. Ultimately, Refurbed wants to help provide sustainable alternatives in all areas of consumption. The company is currently active in 13 markets in Europe and continues to expand strongly. The aim is to serve all European markets in the long term.

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