Reilinger Artist Stephanie Dörrmann: From Carefree Tenderness – Reilingen

Oberhausen-Rheinhausen. Artist Stephanie Dörrmann can’t really be assigned to a specific art movement. Like a chameleon, her painting adapts to her external influences. With its different styles, it creates real holidays in style.

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Almost a year after the success of their first exhibition, art lovers can’t wait to meet again, because in another exhibition on Saturday, November 19, in Reilingen resident artist at “Ambiente & Art 2.0” in Oberhausen-Rheinhausen her works.

We met the artist and have already seen a first glimpse of her new contemporary paintings. Works of art that not only catch the eye, but touch all the senses for true happiness.

The exhibition that took place at the end of 2021 was your first. Have you received new orders as a result and turned your hobby into a profession?

Stephanie Dorrmann: Last year’s exhibition was a complete success for me. Mainly because it made me braver and I could dive into new realms. For example, I try social media – that’s how I send my art around the world. And yes, I have already sold a few paintings as a result. It is and will remain a hobby for now, however, how my painting will develop in the future and if my calling becomes a profession, I am happy to leave to fate. In retrospect, 2022 was the first “normal” year since the start of the corona pandemic and yet filled with drastic new events that are still relevant today. Corona has certainly given way to the keywords “Ukraine war” and “inflation” as the main search on Google.

Stephanie Dörrmann exhibits her works in Oberhausen-Rheinhausen. © Stephanie Dörrmann

Do social changes and maybe even private ones affect your painting?

Dorrmann: Of course, unpleasant events like Corona, the war in Ukraine or inflation make me think and they are always a topic when I meet friends and family. In my painting, however, I find a lot of peace and strength and to some extent this is “my world”. However, personal rather than social changes have an impact on my painting. Love has forever changed my artistic credo. With even greater ease with wings than usual, she paints better. That’s how the painting fascinated me.

Very nice, how does your partner relate to painting?

Dorrmann: None so far, but I was able to motivate him to get creative with a joint painting. This was exciting for both of us and also funny because we had set clear rules. With music and a glass of wine or two (laughs), we switched sides on a big screen every 30 minutes. Each of us was free to do everything else – motif, color, techniques and even painting was not taboo. And if you’re wondering what came of it – something wonderful.

Will the shared photo also be displayed and sold?

Dorrmann: It will definitely be on display – it’s not clear yet if we’ll put it up for sale. It has a high ideal value for us. Buying is of course a matter of price.

What do you like most and what would you say is the essence of your painting?

Dorrmann: I enjoy creating mixed media style artwork. With figures and symbols written and drawn on large format canvas, I want to create a world on canvas where gentleness and gentleness prevail and the rules are sometimes subverted. The beauty of art is that it is a process, an experiment, a discovery. Both for me as an artist and for the viewer. It does not give answers, but raises questions. My painting is always about objectifying emotions. I let the color speak for my feelings. At the moment I am playing with abstract forms, which I let melt into different thematic complexes. Several elements can be distinguished in a photograph – icons of modern times, comic figures, media. I find working with different materials and techniques equally exciting.

What could this mean?

Dorrmann: I use a wide range of colors, some strong and intense or reserved and subtle. I play with colored leather, fabrics, packaging materials, magazines, paint from aerosol cans or glitter. I’m always on the move with an open mind: colorful bags of chips from outside, colorful printed clothing or slogans and advertising photos in magazines that I cut out with a cutter – all these things become my multi-colored art.

You called your exhibition Passion. What do you associate with it?

Dorrmann: A lot of things just get lost in everyday life, everyone rushes and does a lot of things randomly or wastes time on things they don’t like instead of taking more time for the beautiful things. I can give it full space – because I am passionate about painting.

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