She inspires the fashion world with this 70s look

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Taylor Swift: With this look from the 70s, she takes the fashion world by storm

Taylor Swift poses on the red carpet at a film festival.

Taylor Swift pleases us with this outfit.

it’s me Hello! I’m the problem, it’s me!: This quote from Taylor Swift’s latest song anti hero now we hear it everywhere. On TikTok and many other social platforms, people show their self-critical side and are part of the so-called “anti-hero” challenge.

But not only the song, but also the music video inspires more than 53 million YouTube users. Viewers especially celebrate the brown charm of the 70s – the motto of the successful clip. It didn’t take long for fashion fans to recreate Swift’s outfits around the world. We show you which view it is.

Taylor Swift – the album

  • On October 21, satisfied Taylor Swift her fans with her latest album “Midnights”.
  • According to Billboard, the singer took all 10 places on the “Hot 100” top list, making history.
  • it has been for weeks of Swift the most famous song “Anti Hero” number one on the Billboard and Spotify charts. The corresponding music video received over 2.3 million likes and 53 million hits on YouTube.

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Taylor shows herself with retro charm

Whether it’s on her album cover or in her Anti-Hero music video: Swift seems comfortable in ’70s style. The American pop singer impresses many fashion fans in a striped plaid top with an extravagant collar and bright red pants. Anyone who, like us, has fallen in love with the anti-hero look can be happy: the outfit is incredibly easy to put together.

Want to recreate the look? The corduroy pants from Esprit look uncannily similar to Swift’s pants: the deep, dark red — which, by the way, perfectly mirrors her song “Maroon” — and the sleek design not only leads us to the music video, but even immediately in the 70s. .

However, the true essence of the outfit is hidden behind the colorful top. Obey’s polo sweatshirt and Swift’s shirt may not be identical twins, but they’re still part of the ’70s fashion family. The yellow and burgundy stripes mixed with the purple collar complete the look wonderfully. In particular, the short cut of the shirt harmonizes with the high waist of the corduroy pants.


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From head to toe: shoes are a must!

No one wants to walk barefoot in the cold and wet autumn. If you want to copy Swift’s style exactly, you can rely on sports sneakers in warm brown tones. Finally, the nostalgic charm of the 70s has been preserved. A good example is Gant sneakers. Here, the warm play of colors from shades of brown to white is immediately noticeable.

However, who likes to be freeze and you’d rather look for a warmer option, ankle boots are a good choice. Taylor Swift doesn’t wear it in this outfit – but in a different look in the same music video. Our favorites are the boots from Rieker. Chelsea boots in chocolate color are definitely a typical and coveted trend in the fall of 2022.

Become an “anti-hero” in no time

Whether it’s corduroy pants, a sleeveless shirt or boots: Taylor Swift’s 70s outfit is incredibly easy to style. If you add a tail to the outfit, you will definitely become a real Swift clone.

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