Smiley turns 50 – and these are the most beautiful collaborations

Smiley Collaborations: These are the coolest pieces for the 50th anniversary

Smiley celebrates his 50th birthday this year. The yellow face has been smiling at us for half a century and is currently showing us more than ever the energy and power that a single smile can have. Whether digital or analog: the happy face has become an integral part of the news and our daily lives. The smile now plays a special role in fashion as well, because several brands took this year’s birthday as an opportunity to revive the iconic smile on their models. From clothing to accessories and jewelry, the smiley face now graces some of our favorite pieces. We show you the most beautiful parts with a nice effect.


To celebrate Smiley’s 50th anniversary, Sandro is launching a capsule collection as part of the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. It consists of a selection of beautiful tops, hoodies, sweatshirts and shorts, complete with the permanent smile charming and iconic. Smiles are not only found in pieces in classic black and yellow, but also set refreshing spring accents in bright color variations.

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