Style: An Oktoberfest noble bag and a Ferrari in the style of Lego sets

Images of food on handbags are a matter of taste. Are macarons or cupcakes really always the right addition to your wardrobe? French luxury brand Longchamp has now given its cult foldable and ultra-light Le Pliage bag a major pretzel stamp, at least in the Munich Edition. Salty pretzels on bright blue plastic, this is enough for connoisseurs as a clear Bavarian assignment – but the white Munich lettering on the front dispels any last doubt, even for non-locals. No Munich without pretzels, no “Le Pliage” bag without nylon, plus a black leather handle. Anyway, the view makes you hungry. Good thing there’s plenty of storage space inside for a snack. The bag will be available exclusively at the Munich boutique from September, just in time for the highly anticipated Wiesn (

To have and to be: an alternative to mass design and disposable products: furniture unfolds in Hamburg.

The alternative to mass design and disposable products: the furniture shows in Hamburg.

(Photo: Jonas Albrecht)

A few years ago, recycling was the sustainable design idea of ​​the moment. If you don’t want to keep littering the planet and still want to indulge in material things now and then, maybe there’s little that makes more sense. 29-year-old architect Lena Charlene Roof specializes in furniture recycling. Two years ago she took over the company furniture unfolder founded because she wanted to make a difference in society after her studies, as she writes on Instagram. Instead of designing houses, Roof salvages old furniture in and around Hamburg: display cases, tables and armchairs that would otherwise collect dust in basements or end up in bulk bins. In the workshop in Hamburger Neustadt, they are sandblasted, varnished or reupholstered and resold for a fair price. According to Roof, it’s not about profit, but about an alternative to mass design, disposable products, exploitation and long distribution routes. She also accepts custom work. On August 19, Roof starts a crowdfunding on Startnext, with which she wants to finance an area for a workshop, shop, storage space and workshop and hire her employees. Until now, the parts are sold in a small shop in the backyard in Schanze, everyone in the team works on a voluntary basis.

To have and to be: A Ferrari's dream to build yourself: Daytona SP3 from Lego.

A Ferrari’s dream to build yourself: Daytona SP3 from Lego.

(Photo: manufacturer)

Sophisticated Lego sets of classic cars have a large fan base – which, however, is usually of an adult age, after all, a certain penchant for automotive nostalgia is a prerequisite for these construction projects. The latest additions to the exclusive Lego garage are the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 and a Ferrari Daytona SP3 on a scale of 1:8. With almost 4000 components and a price of 399 euros, the Ferrari in particular is one of the extreme kits, made for the first rainy week in early autumn. For Tifosi and other petrol connoisseurs, the true-to-original V12 engine with eight-speed gearbox was reproduced in a particularly elaborate manner. Details such as doors and brakes should not only be fun to build, but also later when you play. Until then, you not only need time and a steady hand, but also some space. At almost 60 centimeters long, the Ferrari building block is just as impressive on a shelf or on a table as its big brother on the road. This time, a richly illustrated, limited edition book was introduced for the model, in which the creation of the kit and the comparison with the original are documented in rich photographs – the book, however, was out of print shortly after it went on sale. . (

To have and to be: form follows fun: the fusion of sneakers by Mihara Yasuhiro.

Form Follows Fun: Fusion Sneakers by Mihara Yasuhiro.

(Photo: manufacturer)

Are these sneakers inspired by the record temperatures of the new hot period? In any case, their rubber soles look like they’ve melted like ice on hot lava asphalt. Their design comes from the Japanese Mihara Yasuhiro, a huge hit in the high fashion sneaker world. Back in 1999, when people in the luxury industry tended to turn their noses up at sneakers, he collaborated with Puma to design models that looked like the heel had entered a giant rubber egg. His current interpretations of canvas skate shoes are also reminiscent of artist Erwin Wurm’s fused “Fat” inflatable sculptures. Mihara Yasuhiro apparently works according to an abbreviation of the design principle, “form follows fun”. Because if such melting heels have one function, it’s to make you smile (available at

To have and to be: the scent of alpine meadows: room spray by Feuerstein Essentials.

The scent of alpine meadows: room spray by Feuerstein Essentials.

(Photo: manufacturer)

A local poet and mountain photographer with the beautiful name Domenic Feuerstein as the godfather of natural cosmetics – this is a clear plus point in terms of marketing. Engadine’s granddaughter owns the company Essentials Flint was founded and used the family fund for the logo. Grandfather photographed rock formations, animals and plants in his attacks, one of his mountain flowers appears in the fragrance sprays. They smell, what else, of alpine meadows, spruce or mint. All products, whether face cream or body lotion with linden flowers, are made in Switzerland. And the company’s headquarters also have a nice name – St.Moritz (34 euros,

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