Style News High 5: A new watch from Omega tells time on Mars and other innovations

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A watch for the excursion to Mars and pink diamonds under the hammer

DIE WELT Photoshoot 2018 Maria-Antonia Gerstmeyer on June 28, 2018 Photo: Claudius Pflug

Mars Accessory: New Speedmaster from Omega Mars Accessory: New Speedmaster from Omega

Mars Accessory: New Speedmaster from Omega

Source: Omega

Time runs a little differently on Mars, as a new Omega Speedmaster shows. A very special diamond goes up for auction at an auction – and other top styles of the week.

A long day in March

In 1962, the first Omega Speedmaster flew into space, in 1969 it landed on the moon and entered history as the Moonwatch. No earthling has ever set his watch on Mars. Until then, time now makes a bridge Omega Speedmaster X-33 Mars Chronograph, which was developed together with the European Space Agency (ESA). Among other things, the model can display the time and time zones on both planets. Because: A day on Mars is 39 minutes longer than on Earth. 7000 euros.

Pink hammer

Brilliant Pink:

Brilliant Pink: The Fortune Pink

Source: Christie’s

Pink diamonds are quite rare and therefore particularly valuable. The stronger their shade, the more desirable the stones. But other properties also determine the price: cut, purity and weight. This copy here, e “The Pink Fortune”, weighing 18.18 carats, is the largest pear-shaped fancy pink diamond ever offered at auction. It will be auctioned at Christie’s on November 8 and, according to experts, it could reach the equivalent of 36 million euros. In 2018, another pink (not pear-shaped) diamond had already reached a world record of 39.1 million euros. The Harry Winston jewelry house was awarded the contract for The Winston Pink Legacy.

Just warm

In Gwyneth Paltrow style: navy blue puffer jacket from Ecoalf

In Gwyneth Paltrow style: navy blue jackets from Ecoalf and Goop

Source: Ecoalf x Goop

With their esoteric brand of lifestyle goop Gwyneth Paltrow has cashed in on some weird products, including a scented vaginal candle and an anti-vampire potion. Her latest punch, on the other hand, looks almost vintage: a collection of minimalist jackets in white and navy blue, which she’s launching with Ecoalf. The eco-conscious fashion label was already making clothes from recycled plastic bottles when eco wasn’t a trend. From 300 euros.

Elegant breathing

Marble on London pavement

Marble on London pavement

Source: Ed Reeve

Very unthinkable in the German capital, because they would surely be washed away – but in London there are only a few marble swivel armchair here near. Well, not only that: As part of this year’s London Design Festival, designer Sabine Marcelis wants to promote interaction between visitors with the installation called Swivel, made of stone from the Dutch materials brand Solid Nature. The chairs will be parked outside Tottenham Court Road tube station after the festival, before being swapped for Christmas decorations.

Twice as delicious

Chocolate Edition by Sawade

Chocolate Edition by Sawade

Source: Sawade

Is it art or fragile leaves? By kidnapping one of the Sawades box of chocolates you can fish for both at the moment. At least when it comes to one of the 100 limited boxes that five artists from the online gallery portfolio Kunst 100 designed for Berlin’s oldest chocolate maker. In addition to the sweet treats, there is a 15.8 x 19.5 cm paper edition (protected from chocolate fingers with foil). Available for 49 euros in Sawade branches and online.

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