Successor to Too Asche, Too Dust?: Babylon Berlin: This is the new hit from season four – entertainment

Charlotte Ritter, played by Liv Lisa Fries, also dances to “Ein Tag wie Gold” in the new season “Babylon Berlin”. Photo: Frédéric Batier/ARD/SKY

Max Raabe’s new song “Ein Tag wie Gold” can be heard in the fourth season of the hit series “Babylon Berlin”, which has just been released. The 1920s-style number could become the next catchy tune the German series produces after “Zu Asche, Zu Staub.”

This song will surely be heard more often at parties in the future. To accompany the fourth season of the German hit series Babylon Berlin, which has just started, singer Max Raabe (59) and Annette Humpe (Ich + Ich, 71) wrote the song “Ein Tag wie Gold”, which Raabe interpreted it. along with series creator Tom Tykwer (57) and musician Johnny Klimek (60).

Max Raabe performs “A Day Like Gold” himself in season four

Raabe also guest stars in the new season of Babylon Berlin, which premiered on October 7. As singer Emil Engel he performs the number in the style of the 1920s. Another version of “Ein Tag wie Gold” can be heard in the third episode from the fourth season of “Babylon Berlin”, which will be released on October 14 in Sky Q and Wow, Sky’s streaming service – recorded by the band MEUTE with actress and singer Meret Becker (53) on the mic.

“Ein Tag wie Gold” will be included on Raabe’s October 14th album “Who’s in a Bad Mood Here”, and is also the title track of “Babylon Berlin Vol.3”, the soundtrack for the fourth album released in the Series October 7. The official music videos for both variants of the song show scenes from new episodes of the historical series. In the version of singer Becker and MEUTE, for example, the dance marathon can be seen in Moka Efti, an iconic place, often visited in the series. The main character Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries, 31) participates in the third episode.

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