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Professor Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers, left) and Chief Inspector Frank Thiel (Axel Prahl) are back.  Photo: WDR/Martin Valentin Menke

Professor Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers, left) and Chief Inspector Frank Thiel (Axel Prahl) are back. Photo: WDR/Martin Valentin Menke

It was recently criticized a lot, now with Amore and the mafia boss back: the 42nd “Crime scene” from Münster convinces thanks to the triangular relationship around Boerne and an unexpected twist.

It’s not a premiere. For the anniversary year of the crime scene in Münster, “A friend, a good friend” was already coming to the Preußenstadion, home of the Preußen Münster football team, in the summer. How fitting, as Preußen Münster has only played in the regional league for a few seasons. Recently, “Tatort” from Münster has also fallen out of favor with critics. No matter, fans love it: tickets for the premiere reportedly sold out in minutes this summer. But is loyalty rewarded?

“Crime Scene” Plot

For Boerne, the “crime scene” begins with an ending: his childhood friend Friedhelm Fabian and his wife – also Boerne’s childhood sweetheart – want to emigrate. As they are celebrating their farewell, a few kilometers away, mafia boss Nino Agostini threatens his lawyer. He failed in court and now one of Agostini’s protégés is going to prison. The next morning the lawyer is dead How gladly would Thiel Agostini take him for the murder! But he maneuvers his way out of any investigation in untouchable mob boss style. Boerne maneuvered completely differently: Friedhelm Fabian was kidnapped, which Boerne did not try to hide from Thiel very confidently. And of course everything is connected: Fabian is also a lawyer and knows the dead man.

The 42nd case of the investigative duo from Münster proves that they can do it. Many suspects keep the suspense high. Even logic suffers in the solution, once again made by Thiel’s gut feeling, only to a manageable degree. On the other hand, the pain in Boerne is great: Jan Josef Liefers plays him extremely vulnerable – and prevents the episode from becoming silly. Incidentally, Preußen Münster is currently the leader in its class. How convenient.

Trailer for “A Friend, A Good Friend”

Actors of today’s crime scene

► Axel Prahl (Frank Thiel)

► Jan Josef Liefers (Professor Boerne)

► Jan Georg Schutte (Friedhelm Fabian)

► Proschat Madani (Veronika Fabian)

► Claudio Caiolo (Nino Agostini)

► Christine’s original claim (Silke Haller)

► Mechthild Großmann (Wilhelmine Klemm)

► Hendrik Heutmann (Erik Nowak)

Crime scene in the media library

All episodes of Tatort are available as streams for six months in the ARD media library. For reasons of protecting young people, the crime scene can only be broadcast between 8pm and 6am.

At the same time as the TV broadcast, Erste also shows the actual crime scene live: Click here for the ARD media library.

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