The most important bike news of 2023

Smarter, sportier, cleaner: You can already see the new motorcycling trends for next year at the EICMA mega trade fair – and here at t-online.

The EICMA motorcycle trade fair (until November 13, 2022 in Milan) is one of the largest in the world. Here are the trendy bikes of the next season. Like the latest cars, they are getting smarter and increasingly emission-free.

The Honda Transalp returns

Honda brings back the Transalp. The mid-range travel enduro can be seen at Eicma as the XL750 Transalp. Powered by an in-line twin-cylinder engine; power is 92 horsepower. Full LED, 5-inch TFT display with connectivity, self-resetting turn signals, different driving modes, selectable traction control and several other details show that Honda has high expectations from the new Transalp.

The new Honda CL500 is inspired by the Honda CL of the 1960s and 1970s. It combines retro charm with the latest technology. The parallel twin engine comes from the CB500 family; in the CL500 it delivers 47 horsepower. Thanks to a short translation, the CL500 should be alive and kicking. The steel frame, 19-inch front wheel, dual rear shock absorbers, fork bellows and side tank pads are the hallmarks of the retro half-liter bike.

Inspired by the Honda CL of the 1960s and 1970s: the new Honda CL500
Inspired by the Honda CL of the 1960s and 1970s: the new Honda CL500

The Honda CMX1100T Rebel is bobber style; it’s the tourist version of the base Rebel. It is powered by the same twin-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1084 cc and a power of 87 hp and 98 Nm of torque. As a special feature, Honda supplies the big Rebel – there’s also a 500 version – with a dual-clutch transmission that also shifts gears automatically. Not only does it increase comfort, but also the weight from 233 to 248 kilograms. As a T version, the 1,100 Rebel has a half field, a windshield and a side case with a total volume of 35 liters.

As the first of at least ten electric two-wheelers planned by 2025, Honda is presenting the EM1 e, an electric motorcycle, in Milan. It aims at the youngest target group and is intended for urban use. The power supply should be sufficient for a distance of 40 kilometers, the battery is removable; should be able to recharge at home.

Bobber style: Honda CMX1100T Rebel.
Bobber style: Honda CMX1100T Rebel.

Three fresh Ducati Scramblers

Ducati has revised the three versions Scrambler Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift. Now they have a newly designed chassis, four kilograms less weight and a number of technical innovations. In the future there will be throttle valve management, traction control with two driving modes (“Road” and “Wet”) and also a so-called quick shifter for changing gears without a clutch. Corner ABS and a 4.3-inch color TFT screen in the cockpit are also new. The sides of the new steel tank can be individually designed by the customer.

The Icon version represents the purist idea of ​​the Ducati Scrambler, the Full Throttle is definitely sporty and the Nightshift has a number of classic elements. Displacement (803 cc) and power (73 hp) of the twin-cylinder air/oil engine remain unchanged. All versions are also available from March with 48 hp for driving license category A2.

Suzuki brings new enduro travel

The Suzuki V-Strom 800 DE touring enduro replaces the previous V-Strom 650 and is strongly based on the still-new V-Strom 1050. It is powered by a new liquid-cooled inline-twin engine with a displacement of 776 cu. centimeters and 84 hp, maximum torque is included 78 Nm.

The kit also includes a range of electronic driving aids: traction control with multiple settings, a quick shifter, different steering modes and a 22cm long spring travel chassis. The mid-range touring Enduro also comes as standard with a 5-inch TFT screen, full LED lighting, a triple-disc braking system and spoked wheels.

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