The most successful horror film of all time will continue: ‘IT’ Pennywise prequel takes a big step forward – series news

Under the title “Welcome To Derry” we can expect the prequel of the series “ES” and “ES: Chapter 2”. Director Andy Muschietti is on board as a producer, but the important position of showrunner will be filled by two other directors.


In March 2022 there was good news for all fans of Stephen King in general and Pennywise in particular, because it has been revealed that a prequel series to the double horror filmIT“and”IT: Chapter 2“can come:”Welcome to Derry, the title of the series, is to be created with the participation of “ES” director Andy Muschietti and tell the origin story of the horror clown Pennywise, it was said at the time. Six months later, the planned series has now taken a significant step forward.

Found Showrunner for Welcome To Derry.

Because as the magazine of American industry Variety reported, The two presenters of “Welcome To Derry” have already been found: Jason the fox AND Brad Caleb Kane. The commitment of Jason Fuchs – known among other things as an actor (“La La Land”), as a screenwriter (“Wonder Woman”) and as a co-producer of “IT: Chapter 2” – was already known, because he also has that script written for the first episode.

Brad Caleb Kane is also an actor (including “Starship Troopers”), but above all a screenwriter and producer – for example in “Black Sails”, “Warrior” and “Tokyo Vice”. As presenters, Fuchs and Kane now have creative control over the day-to-day production operations and ongoing filming of Welcome To Derry.

Pussies are also still on board

As an in-demand director by now, Andy Muschietti is probably too busy for the job, but he’s still involved in the series.

He developed the idea for “Welcome To Derry” with Fuchs and his sister Barbara Muschietti and is still in talks to direct the pilot episode – also a very important post, after all, in the first episode’s visual and scenic style The full fixed season, to which other directors are then oriented. Pussies are also on board as producers along with Kane and Fuchs.

With the engagement of the host of the show, the most important position behind the camera has already been clarified – the actors in front of the camera are still missing. However, so far there have been no reports of this.

If casting moves forward quickly, “Welcome To Derry” could be released on US streaming service HBO Max in late 2023 or early 2024. In Germany, RTL+ is now HBO Max’s production partnern, so the “ES” series should be published in this country in this way.

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