These are the 5 main trends of the new year

Even if we’re still sleepily rubbing our New Year’s eyes when it comes to fashion, we’re wide awake. So it’s time to organize your closet and stock it with new favorite items. Now you have to make room for these beautiful fashion pieces!

Trend 1: Too Much Peri

Since “Very Peri” is the 2022 Pantone color, you can’t avoid this trend. We don’t want to either, because the enchanting color of purple and blue has an energizing effect on us and thus makes us awake. In addition, the color really suits every woman. Dress up and have fun!

Fashion in the new trendy color>>

Trend 2: wide cuts

Has the convenience of a home office gone “officially” into fashion? You can almost guess, because this year loose and comfortable clothes are the order of the day. Really practical, because this way we can easily combine the two and maybe even infect our on-screen colleagues with our new love for fashion. But of course, every fashionista knows how to improve clothes and use fashionable belts, for example, to emphasize the figure. You can find out how to best combine trousers, for example, in the Sintre fashion dictionary. The advantage of wide cuts is obvious. They really suit every woman!

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