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Are you having fun playing games together? This is with young children and their tendency to “Again!” often challenging. With our game tips, adults will still be in a good mood after the eighth iteration.

Playing with very young children sometimes requires a lot of persistence on the part of parents. The little ones love the repetition, the big ones secretly yawn. We’ve got a selection of games to play with children aged three and over – and to keep even the longest, wettest of November days busy.

The attack was repulsed!

Anyone who knows the French toy brand Djeco knows that their products are always particularly charming – be it puzzles, wooden toys or craft kits. And again and again you’ll find great parlor games that are fun for young and old from this publisher. One of them is “Piratatak”. And it is precisely this pirate attack that must be avoided. Each player tries to build a ship from six cards of his suit. But again and again the despicable pirates get in the way. If you’re lucky, you can hold them off with a cannon, otherwise they’ll want gold – or worse, they’ll tear your ship apart. All this only works with beautifully designed cards. And because the pirates look so badass, some of the little players even get some joy when they show up. By the way: There is a variant of the game called “Diamoniak”, in which castles are built instead of ships, and witches attack instead of pirates.

Attack of the Pirates: Children, from 5 years, about 10 euros

Riding on the witch’s broom

Just completed the seventh round of kindergarten and the child still won’t stop? For all parents with young children, “Witches, Animals, Who’s Missing Here” is a great alternative to play with the little ones. What it’s about: The witch comes out with a broom, and of course all the animal companions must come: the cat and the mouse, the owl and the spider, the rooster and the frog. But someone always misses leaving. Although recommended for four-year-olds and up, this little game of colored cards and wooden dice can be played with three-year-olds as well. It’s not about who’s faster. And it’s relaxing for parents too.

Witch, animal, missing here: Amigo, from 4 years, about 8 euros

Do the laziness!

The classic game “Activity” has aged a bit, but it’s still fun: when the joker in the group gets stuck in his throat, when he spends himself painting. For those who can’t read yet, Fun Charades is a great way to creatively represent concepts. You draw an alien, depict a dragon, imitate a sloth or snort like a pig. The cards are really beautifully designed. And so the game is at least as fun for parents as it is for kids. According to the manufacturer, it is recommended from the age of three, but the painting, explanation and presentation only really work well from the age of about five.

Fun Cards: Captain Smart, from 3 years, about 12 euros


If you have young animal lovers at home, you can make them very happy with this game: Concept Kids. What sounds abstract is nevertheless very true to life. One player explains to the others which animal they should guess – and he does it without a word. Just marking pictures on the game board. Who wears orange fur, has stripes and eats meat? Of course: the tiger. It is more difficult to portray a stag beetle. Or even a narwhal. The best thing about the game: Even very young children recognize the habitats, food preferences and characteristics of animals – and thus develop an abstract idea, a concept. The only drawback: Cartoon-style animals are not always easy to recognize, and sometimes the colors are quite extreme. A little more realism would have been nice. Otherwise, this is a game you could easily spend an entire rainy afternoon with.

Animal concept for kids: Asmodee, from 4 years, about 24 euros

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