Tiger of Sweden shows what the future of fashion looks like: unisex, sustainable and cool

Sweden’s Stockholm label Tiger presents the “Entire Collection Volume I”, which offers well-thought-out high-quality basics for everyone. The collection includes a suit, jeans and accessories, all designed to be completely unisex.

A new perspective on fashion and gender

Women wear big hoodies from the men’s department, men wear nicer pants from the women’s collections. And everyone loves to wear Birkenstocks, after all they are incredibly comfortable. The next step would be unisex clothing, because after all, clothes have no gender.

This sentiment is shared by Tiger of Sweden creative director Bryan Conway, who says the capsule collection is the “most sustainable and thoughtful” collection they’ve ever done. The entire offering of “All Collection Volume I” was created on the basis of making it accessible to every gender, be it male, female or in between. This includes shirts, jeans and shoes.

The collection is also an attempt to make clothing more environmentally friendly. The fabrics used are from environmentally friendly sources and the dyeing methods include more natural dyes than chemicals. The jeans are made from 100% recycled cotton, the sweaters contain recycled cashmere and organic cotton and the leather is Leather Working Group certified. (Read more about: Sustainable fashion: Can you dress well AND save the planet?)

This is what the collection looks like

Elegant design and timeless silhouettes characterize the collection – the perfect basics for any wardrobe.

Let’s start with the suit: nothing beats a double-breasted blazer with classic straight trousers. Whether you want to wear a shirt, a t-shirt or nothing underneath, a black suit always works. (Read also: Suit in summer: These are the most beautiful suits from 100 euros for hot days)

The Tiger of Sweden

Double jacket in black color 500 euros

The Tiger of Sweden

Pants with adjustable belt in black, 250 euros

The Tiger of Sweden

Denim pieces made from recycled materials offer a good quality fit and easy wash that suits everyone. Add a simple white blouse and the next summer look is ready. (The Oversized Jeans Guide – Best Styles, Trends & Fits)

Denim jacket 300 euros

The Tiger of Sweden

T-shirt in white color 90 euros

The Tiger of Sweden

Jeans 250 euros

The Tiger of Sweden

The Tiger of Sweden styles the biker jacket made of tough leather with jeans and a traditional shirt. (Talking about leather jackets: the 10 most beautiful models for men)

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