Upcoming designer: You need to get to know these new talents

“How did it all start? I was putting Kylie Jenner’s stylist in touch with an LA-based stylist named Erika Maish. Kylie quickly posted pictures of herself wearing what she looked likeā€”and started following my account,” says Ayal. “To be recognized by someone of her caliber when I was just starting out was a huge thing for me. It confirmed that Up Next Designer had the potential to take on even bigger dimensions.”

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Now Ayal is part of a new wave of digital natives who are shaping the future of fashion itself. He doesn’t want to stop, at least not until the industry really embraces all the talent from around the world (!): “I want to take an active and strong role in bringing much-needed change. The next generations of designers, designers : I want insiders and journalists to access a fun yet inclusive space filled with industry knowledge and a friendly front row seat through my IG account.”

Here are 17 designers to keep an eye on in 2022:

“Wannes Akop is an Amsterdam-based label that knows how to combine modern trends with classic silhouettes. The spring/summer 2022 collection is characterized by the perfect combination of bright designs – a red leather pants with open sides or a bead. Tons of similarly – and more subtle statement pieces, like a white dress with a triangle cut out in the middle, or a black dress with a V-neck that falls below the belly.”

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