Warning strikes by IG Metall: Many companies in Bavaria are unemployed

Warning strikes in the metal and electrical industries continue today. After the first isolated actions last weekend, the strikes will be expanded this week, according to IG Metall. The pressure on employers should be increased, it is said.

Given Germany’s high inflation, the union is demanding eight percent more wages for some 855,000 workers in the metal and electrical industry in Bavaria. 19 companies across Bavaria are taking part in warning strikes on Wednesday. The focal points of the shares are in North Swabia and Middle Franconia.

Warning strikes, especially in Swabia and Franconia

Among other things, around 1,200 employees of the agricultural machinery and caravan manufacturer Fendt in Asbach-Bäumenheim in Swabia laid off their jobs. In the afternoon, Bosch’s subsidiary BSH Hausgeräte and tool manufacturer Röhm in Dillingen went on strike. Here too, IG Metall Augsburg hosts over 1,000 participants.

In Central Franconia, rallies are held in Erlangen and Weissenburg. There is a strike at several Siemens locations in Erlangen. In Weissenburg, the employees of Gutmann Aluminum Wire stop working. The Kennametal company in Mistelgau in the Bayreuth district is taking part in the warning strikes in the form of an early closure.

“Employers should have an idea of ​​how willing employees are to stop working for their demand for eight percent more money.” Johann Horn, district manager of IG Metall Bavaria

But the strikes are not only continuing in Swabia and Franconia. In Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate, workers are also taking to the streets, albeit to a lesser extent. The union expects around 300 participants in a rally in front of the Läpple company in Teublitz in the Schwandorf district. Rolls Royce in Ruhstorf in the Passau district and exhaust system manufacturer Boysen MVO in Salching near Straubing finished earlier. In Upper Bavaria there is a strike at MAN in Munich and at BSH and Siteco in Traunreut.

The offer from the employer is not enough for IG Metall

The Association of the Bavarian Metals and Electrical Industry (vbm) does not show understanding for the strike actions. In the third round, employers submitted an offer that provided for a tax-free payment of 3,000 euros. In addition, employers agreed to a percentage increase in income. A number and times for this were not given. Negotiations will continue on November 8. Nationwide, it’s more money for about 3.9 million employees.

With information from dpa.

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