Weapons and a drug cache were blown up during the raid

Illuminated facade of the justice center in Bochum.
The Bochum Justice Center is the seat of the district, labor and regional courts, as well as the public prosecutor’s office. © photo alliance / Bernd Thissen / dpa

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Cocaine, marijuana and painkillers – plus an air pistol and a rocket launcher: A stash of drugs and weapons is blown up in an apartment in Witten. A 37-year-old man is already on trial.

Six months ago, drug investigators raided a rental apartment in Witten and found a large arsenal of drugs and weapons. The 37-year-old owner of the house was then arrested. Now he is on trial in Bochum. It is five years in prison plus X.

Investigators recovered eleven cell phones and numerous drugs

The trial by the 11th Criminal Chamber at the Bochum District Court concerns armed drug trafficking. Until April 16, 2022, the accused dealer is said to have been dealing drugs, painkillers and sexual enhancers on a large scale. During the search of the apartment in Witten in Arthur-Imhausen-Strasse on March 16, 2022, in addition to cocaine, marijuana, extenders and painkillers, typical dealing utensils were also seized. Including three precision scales, eleven cell phones, notebooks.

Rocket projectile, two clubs and a rifle

However, it is not so much the large amounts of drugs that turn out to be particularly dangerous for the accused, but above all the many additional weapons that have been discovered. Among other things, police officers found an air rifle, two pistols, a rocket projectile, two telescopic batons and various spray cans.

The public prosecutor assumes that the accused, who was arrested about a month after the raid, deliberately placed the weapons in his hand to protect the drug supplies.

The law provides for a minimum sentence of five years in prison for armed drug trafficking. “You have a lot at stake here,” Judge Susanne Schön-Winkler warned the accused at the start of the trial. Given the weapons found, one can certainly speak of an “arsenal of weapons”. The judges in Bochum have currently scheduled two more days of hearings. Estimated sentencing date: October 25.

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