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In a video with hundreds of views, for example, a driver driving past a wind farm with idle turbines suspects an artificially created power shortage. Wind turbines were not moving because too much electricity was being produced. Pottendorf. Rating: According to energy supplier EVN, the reason for the stoppage of the wind turbines in the video was a lack of wind. This is also suggested by the weather data for the mentioned time. In addition, there are several reasons why wind turbines can stand still.

Verification: This video was recorded in a car on the A3 towards Vienna, one kilometer before the Pottendorf exit. According to the driver, the time of registration was November 1, 2022, 3:33 p.m. The location can be verified via map services, and wind turbines are also visible.

You can see the Tattendorf wind farm. When questioned by the APA fact-checker at Lower Austria’s electricity supplier EVN, a spokesman said it was assumed that the reason for the idle wind turbines at the time was simply a lack of wind.

In this context, EVN sent APA fact-checking a graph of the available wind power in the Tattendorf area at the time in question. This operational software estimate clearly shows a drop in wind strength from about 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Weather services indicate that the wind was generally at low levels that day. No wind-induced movement of trees, bushes, branches or power lines can be observed in the video.

Many reasons

Apart from the lack of wind, there are basically several reasons why wind turbines can stand still, according to EVN. This can happen if the wind turbines are faulty or not yet connected to the grid. If ice forms on the rotor blades, the system shuts down. Very strong wind can also be responsible for a stop for safety reasons.

According to the EVN spokesperson, normal maintenance work often only results in reduced performance and movement of wind turbines. On the other hand, there is a shutdown when you repair damaged components or change the oil. Due to migratory birds and bats, ornithological reports can also cause the wheels to stop several times.

The wind turbines would never stand still in Lower Austria if, as claimed in the video, there was “too much electricity in the grid”, the EVN spokesperson explained. There are also no policy guidelines for an artificial energy shortage. In theory, grid operators can disconnect electricity producers such as wind turbines from the grid if grid stability is at risk. However, this would not have been necessary once in the last few years.

Moment Magazin and the Hermann Hofmann Renewable Energies Group have also collected reasons why wind turbines can stand still. Therefore, the shadow cast on the residents may also be a reason.

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