When it comes to the new look, you guys really don’t agree

VROOM, BOOM, POW: Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound relies on a great comic visual, which caused discussion in the community after a leak and a revealing trailer that was released very early. We wanted to hear from you what you think of the new look. The result is surprisingly ambiguous.

All known information about the new Need for Speed ​​part can be found in the following article:

Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound was officially announced, here is the trailer + all the information


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Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound was officially announced, here is the trailer and all the information

What do you think about the new look?

Here you can see the results of our survey at a glance (as of October 16, 2022):

Although the game’s visuals have been hotly debated and criticized since the first reveals, your opinions are surprisingly divided. 27 percent of you say you don’t like the new look at all. 26 percent still aren’t sure what to think about it all. And a total of 22 percent were quite taken with the comic effects in Need for Speed ​​​​​​​​Unbound – 9 percent consider them okay.

By the way: In the meantime there is good news for all those who can’t get used to the look. The developers have now confirmed that the effects can also be displayed easily and that you can experience the racing game without the comically drawn clouds of smoke and wings.

This is also shown in the first trailer of the game, which you can watch here:

Need for Speed ​​​​​​Unbound: Game Trailer Shows - You have control over the new look


Need for Speed ​​​​​​Unbound: Game Trailer Shows – You have control over the new look

The comical appearance also causes discussions with you

In the comments column below our poll, a similar picture emerges as the poll itself: some love the new graphic style, others have absolutely nothing to do with it. User Zeroa thinks, for example, that you should give new ideas a chance:

Based on the reveal trailer, I actually think it’s pretty cool. It’s really something different and the style is quite similar to Into the Spider-Verse. Of course you have to see it in-game first, but I’d rather have a new style than a new game that doesn’t beat Forza and Co anyway.

GameStar reader Evers also agrees:

I actually find it very interesting. It’s something different and, if executed well, can set the game apart from its competitors in the genre. You also find the mix of realistic cars and comical effects visually very interesting to watch, but like I said, it’s the implementation that counts.

While both are still awaiting release and want to see the effects in-game, user EggsyXC is already thoroughly impressed:

I find it SUBJECTLY cool! Finally something new and to combine such a cel shadow look with a certain realism, wow! Little did I know I would be hyped for an NfS again.

User ATiX had actually already taken down the series of racing games, but the new look is now sparking interest again:

I haven’t cared for NfS in years and if someone had told me in advance that a style like this was coming I would have just shook my head. Now, to be honest, I’m extremely hooked and for the first time in years I feel like NfS! I find it a very bold step – and I wouldn’t have thought that EA would completely change something and dare something new. Perhaps this is exactly the right step, after all, the series has been spreading elsewhere for a long time […].

No more “real” need for speed?

But not everyone can make friends with the new style and are increasingly losing touch with the series of racing games. QuackerJack123 wants Need for Speed ​​to return to its roots:

EA just has it to “damage” a traditional brand. Please do not get this error. The game could be good. But I can’t identify the last games with Need For Speed ​​anymore. […] I wish NfS goes back to the roots. Away from the open world. Far from this absolutely exaggerated tuning. Far from this imposed “freshness”. For classic road races in circuits and sprints over Normandy, the Rocky Pass, crossing the Cote d’Azur to Monte Carlo.

User Jigsaw also agrees:

This is the “Fortniteification” of gaming. Everywhere bling-bling, colorful, sharp clothes, silly, silly masks, more appearances than reality. It all revolves around character customization – preferably with microtransactions. The actual gameplay is almost irrelevant, the main thing is that the character or car looks “cool”. […]

Tomkosu also lost interest in Need for Speed ​​a long time ago:

At the moment you have to say that the NFS series needs to do something again. For me, the series is completely uninteresting, since it has long been replaced by other good racing games. It will only come back if it sticks to the style of the old underground tunes. Until then, they can make as many comics as they want. I’m not interested.

Of course we still look forward to your opinion! What do you think of the comic effects? Are you satisfied that they are only optional? Write us in the comments!

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