Why an airline was rated Mallorca’s “Worst Airline of the Year”.

It’s not a prize anyone likes to receive: Spanish and British activists from the organization Freedom from Torture moved onto Mallorca-based private airline Privilege Style on Friday morning (October 14) to present Worst Airline of the Year Award to submit. They want to criticize the fact that “Privilege Style” is collaborating on a British government project in which many Refugees and asylum seekers are transported to Rwanda it must be. Among them are several torture survivors.

“Privilege Style” is a private airline company that organizes charter flights on behalf of other airlines, but also tourist companies, sports teams or VIP clients. According to the airline, its passengers include many Spanish companies and the country’s top football clubs, including Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team. Unlike other airlines, Privilege Style had not refused to return refugees to their homes against their will on behalf of the British government. Privilege Style initially left MZ’s request for comment unanswered.

First flight prohibited by law

“Airlines need to bring people closer together,” said Agustina Oliveri, head of digital campaigns at UK-based NGO Freedom from Torture. Instead, Privilege Style has one perfidious role in ‘cruel British government plan’ Playing. “We hope this award will encourage the airline to end its disregard for human decency and end its contract with the UK Government,” Oliver continued.

It was in June Privilege Style’s first flight carrying refugees to Rwanda has been suspended at the last minute following a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.. According to a Freedom from Torture press release, one of the Rwandan torture survivors, Kolbassia Haoussou, was reportedly kicked out of Privilege Style’s headquarters in Mallorca shortly before the ECtHR decision. She had previously approached the airline about its involvement in the scheme. The airline also received more than 10,000 emails from citizens who called for the severance of their ties with the British government.

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